.mdl version, 8-bit (quake palette) & 24 bit skins - DOWNLOAD
.md3 version, FTE QW, 24-bit skins - DOWNLOAD

Contains: armour, v_shot, v_shot2, v_nail, v_nail2, v_rock, v_rock2, v_light, g_shot, g_nail, g_nail2, g_rock, g_rock2, g_light, spike, s_spike, grenade, missile, b_g_key, b_s_key.
And jbase.pcx, jbaseboth.pcx, jbasepent.pcx, jbasequad.pcx


.mdl version, 24 bit skins only - DOWNLOAD

Contains: turret + gibs, dispencer + gibs, grenade2, e_spike1, e_spike2


window01_1.tga, window01_2.tga, window01_3.tga, window01_4.tga, window02_1.tga. DOWNLOAD (DOWNLOAD)


Released a FTE version of my md3 paks. Not a real update just a tinker with the Q3A shaders FTE supports. Easy to install just grab the latest build of FTE and dump the pk3 into dir /id/ no need to rename the pak. Note, the shell effects grinchy as it overides the pent effect too. DOWNLOAD

There's also a release of my old (shit) player model for FTE, that uses the rgbGen topcolor/bottomcolor. Basically 24-bit top and bottom colour support. Again easy to install, dump it into the dir /id/ hit ` for the console and punch in gl_nocolors "1". After that color 1 6, teamcolor 10 8 & enemycolor 3 4 will work. DOWNLOAD( temp removed)


Released a md3 version of my DM pak and some old models.
V_ROCK2 & NEW V_ROCK2 SILVER SKIN (pic). Note the player and old v_rock2 are only md3 at the moment. There's also a beta SPEC+BUMP PAK for md3 DM pak and a few other things.


Added v_shot and v_shot2 to the DM pak. They come again with 8-bit (quake palette) and 24-bit textures. I also updated all of the v_weaps so they're dead center on the y-axis. I tweaked the firing animation of the v_rock model so it doesn't get camera clipped with a fov greater than 90. I suggest r_viewmodelsize "0.675" with fov "110". Updated the readme.txt with instructions for getting the textures to work in QMB.


Updated the DM pak to include the v_weap and armour models I did. I also fixed the v_rock and v_nail animations. Oh yeah... the .mdl's also contain a 8-bit (quake palette) skin. This is for the loyal Z-Quake users and for those silly software users.

Also the textures are all .tga's rather than .png so the textures will work for Darkplaces. But you do have to rename the textures for Darkplaces to load them... see the readme.txt for instructions.


Uploaded a new armour.mdl and some 24bit skins for it. Place the model into quake/id1/progs or quake/qw/progs and the skins into quake/id1/textures or quake/qw/textures.


Added some contact info and a link to pimp my other site.

Also uploaded my crosshair and stunt meter sprites for the only half-life mod worth playing The Specialists. The crosshairs work with cl_solidcross 1 or 2. I recommend cl_solidcross 1 so you actually see your crosshair when the map ts_dojo comes up. There's no middle stunt meter to go red on you, this is since I mainly use pistols and only really need the top stunt meter to let me know when I've picked up a gren. DOWNLOAD


Added a beta release of some v_weaps, mdl flavour with 24 bit skins. The animations need to be tweaked a little.

Some Povo-Hat inspired skins I did for Fuhquake. They're a hack job between the quake base skin and rogue base skin. Top and bottom colours still work on them, but they have the appropriate coloured weapon... Goes base, quad, pent, both.


Added g_shot, g_nail, g_nail2, g_rock, g_rock2, g_light to DM pak. I've also added a md3 version of the pak, which contains bump and specular maps, best used with Darkplaces, FTE or Tenebrae engines.


Changed the old webpage layout.


A new spike.mdl , s_spike.mdl , grenade.mdl, missile.mdl for DM. And new e_spike1.mdl, e_spike2.mdl, grenade2.mdl for TF.


A new turrgun.md3, turrbase.md3, tgib1.md3, tgib2.md3, tgib3.md3 for TF. See the readme.txt that comes with the zip the instructions.


window01_1.tga, window01_2.tga, window01_3.tga, window01_4.tga, window02_1.tga. DOWNLOAD (temp removed)


A new disp.md3, dgib1.md3, dgib2.md3, dgib3.md3 for TF. See the readme.txt that comes with the zip the instructions.


You can also download my gfx.wad. It has black borders around numbers, faces (red if hurt, or blue if quad etc), I can't really remember what else, oh and some conchars done by someone. DOWNLOAD


A new v_rock2.md3 for FuhQuake, comes in two flavours silver or brown. See the readme.txt that comes with the zip the instructions.


A new player.md3 for FuhQuake. See the readme.txt that comes with the zip the instructions.