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Welcome to Richard Woodward's Web Site

I have two main areas of interest and expertise, geology and computing. At various times, I have taught both subjects to students at University and Technical College level.

The Dam Site contains material drawn from my 20 years working for the New South Wales State Government in Australia as an engineering geologist on the construction of large dam projects across New South Wales. Included are answers to many frequently asked questions about dams such as how and why they are built, why some fail and what effects they can have on the environment.

One special interest of mine in the field of dam construction is the geology of dam spillways including the erodibility of the spillway rock and the suitability of the spillway rock for use as rockfill in the construction of the dam embankment.

The Computer Place contains material drawn from the 10 years that I have spent in the fields of computer networking, PC hardware and web site management working with the Windows and Linux operating systems. 

I have IT certification as MCP and MCSE. I was previously certified as CCNA.

Please note that while I am more than happy to discuss any of the topics covered on this site and answer questions where I can, I do not guarantee to answer every email if you are asking for something that you could have found just as quickly yourself by searching Google. Please do NOT ask for braindumps for IT exams!

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