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IF you'd like to become involved with further research into the genealogy of the Hohenhaus family in Australia and Germany, there are several avenues of involvement open to you. Importantly, cooperation between researchers is an ideal way of reducing the expense and enormity of the task ahead.

To start you off, I suggest you download my pdf chart (120 kb) of the Hohenhaus family tree. It will give you a more thorough understanding of the complex web of relationships that spring from this one family name.

Many people would already be aware of the unique resources available through the Family History Centres of the Mormon Church. Although I have no religious affiliations, members of the public are allowed access to the resources of the FHCs for little or no cost (it's polite to make a small donation after using the facilities).

Fortunately the Mormon Church has for many years placed great importance on documenting family history -- it's one of its basic beliefs. For a better explanation about this, visit one of their many web sites.

The are many FHCs dotted around the western world. These centres usually have dedicated volunteers who can advise you how to operate the equipment and order films (currently these cost about AUD$6.00 each for a short-term loan).

Already I have viewed more than 30 microfilms detailing original church or administrative records from Europe in the 1800s. While checking these records is a painstaking and often lengthy process, it can also be both rewarding and exciting.

If you'd like to contribute to what has already been uncovered, why not get in touch with me and start your own original research? By working together, we could avoid duplication and share information.

Some knowledge of German is useful, but not essential, as many of the relevant words and phrases can be learnt without much trouble.