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Serge Ermoll with US Jazz Greats, Herb Ellis & Ray Brown, Aim Records International release
Serge Ermoll with US Jazz Greats, Herb Ellis & Ray Brown, Aim Records International release


Serge Ermoll (Junior)

Serge today.... Serge is the son of Sergei Ermolaeff senior, a Manchurian born, Russian jazz orchestra leader who had Buck Clayton, Louis Satchmo Armstrong and many more notable names in his orchestra, he also played french horn in the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra for many years. In China, Sergei worked as a drummer/musician, building a reputation as one of Shanghai's more notable orchestra leaders during the 1930's and 1940's. While experiencing the onset of the communist revolution in China, Sergei and his wife Xenia (singer/dancer) and son Serge Jr, won passage on the Chan Sha ship migrating to Australia in 1951.

For nearly forty years, jazz pianist Serge Ermoll jr has been renowned for his exceptional skills, constantly pushing boundaries, while defying the marketplaces demands to conform. His group, Free Kata, formed in the 1970s, ...ripped open the heart of music aesthetics in Australia. (John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald, August 2003).

Ermoll has played with some of the greats of the international jazz scene. During the recording of more than twenty-nine internationally released albums and playing on the live circuit across the globe, he has created moments with some of the greatest names in modern jazz.

Visiting the UK in the late sixties, he was invited to fill in for Dudley Moore, when he was invited to Hollywood. A revered musician before finding fame in the latter, Moore never returned to the UK as a regular player. Serge went on to become an integral member of what was the Dudley Moore Trio, with Chris Karen on drums, originally from Melbourne, and Pete Morgan on bass (British) who was also a great vocalist. Serge was playing consistently for the next six years in the territory as a result. Serge was a regular at the prestigious Ronnie Scotts, to sight one example, during that period and worked with people such as Kathy Stobart, Tubby Hayes, Phil Seaman, Kenny Wheeler and more.

Other US artists of significance Serge has collaborated,recorded and performed with include Richie Cole, Lester Bowie, Don Moyee, Phil Woods, Art Pepper, Joe Henderson, Eddie Moore, Herb Ellis, Ray Brown, Sonny Stitt, Jimmy Whitherspoon, Ernestine Anderson, Dizzie Gillespie, Roscoe Mitchell, David Leibman, Odeon Pope, The Art Ensemble Of Chicago, John Scofield, Nancy Wilson, George Cables, Branford Marsalis, Ralph Pena (bass from Clare Fisher's Band), John Lee (bass from McCoy Tyner's Band), Bob Sender, George Neidorf, Garry Smulyan, Jack Wilkins.

Great Aus artists Serge performed and recorded with include Tony Barry, Don Burrows, James Morrison, John Sangster, Dale Barlow, Mark Simmons, Mike Bukovski, Peter Cross, Steve McKenna, Keith Sterling, George Golla, Warren Daley, Warwick Alder, Col Loughnan, Don Rader, Dave Smith, Ed Gaston, Alan Turnbull, John Pochee, Bob Barnard, Alan Lee, Sid Edwards, Alan Brown, Brian Brown, Geoff Kluke, Blaine Whittaker, Bob Henderson, Bob Scott, Bruce Cale, Christina Williams, Maree Montgomery, Con Campbell, Craig Walters, Ken James, Bob Bertles, Eddie Santoni, Gordon Rytmeister, David Jones, Eddie Bronson, Loui Burdett, James Greening, John Morrison, John Nicol, Kim Patterson, Barry Duggan, Stewie Spears, Dieter Voigt, Laurie Thompson, Laurie Bennett, Leonard Young, Nicky Crayson, Peter Boothman, Phil Scorgy, Peter Dilosa, Ron Falson, Ron Lemke, Sandy Evans, Sandy White, Steve Elphick, Dave Ellis, Ted Vining, Trevor Griffin, Willow Neilson, the great Joe Lane, and many more,

Serge Ermoll's major jazz producers include:- Horst Liepolt of Horst Liepolt jazz productions life long colleague and friend- USA, Peter Noble Aim Records- Warren Fahey Larrikin Records- John Howell-Adrian Jackson-

Record labels Serge has recorded on are Philips Records, 44Jazz, EMI, MGM, Aim International, Larrikin, Fringe Benefits, Kata, Festival.

You can listen to Serge Ermoll's latest internationally released CD's by going to his personal website....
Serge Ermoll can be contacted as below:

Mobile Phone:
In Australia: 0410 713 288
International: +61 410 713 288



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