Electric Car Conversions

The era of the petrol powered car may well be drawing to a close, as yet the alternatives are few and far between. One alternative that is worth considering is to convert your existing petrol powered car to run with an electric motor. The following is a car that I converted myself and if you feel that an electric car is right for you, I can make the adapters and couplings necessary to convert a car to run solely on an electric motor. At this stage I'm not setup to take on whole conversions for paying customers so I am focusing on supplying the adapters necessary for you to convert your car yourself. This may change in the future.


The Car

The Electric car is a converted Suzuki Swift. The petrol engine is replaced with an "advanced DC " electric motor, the clutch is removed, the 5 speed gearbox is utilized like an automatic transmission. The driver shifts into the required gear by simply easing off the accelerator, the shift is very smooth and easy. The electric motor is comparable in power to the original engine if not better. The car uses 10x12 volt deep cycle batteries, connected in series, giving an operating voltage of 120 volts. The car has an approximate top speed of 100km/h and a range of approximately 45km around town, making it a very usable commuter option. The cost of driving the car 45km is approximately 97cents, giving it a considerable cost advantage over the average sized car which would cost approximately $4.20 (3.5 liters of petrol per 50km). The maintenance costs for an electric vehicle are negligible when compared to a conventionally powered car. The battery charger is located in the boot and can be plugged into a normal 240 volt domestic power supply.



The above pictures show the adapter plate and coupling that I custom made for the conversion. The motor side of the coupling fits onto the keyed shaft of the electric motor. The other side retains the shock absorbing spring array and the spline assembly of the old clutch and connects to the input shaft of the gearbox.


under the bonnett  Download and play the Electric car demo video

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