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Lomo 2:1 Anamorphic Optics

Russian "Cinemascope" Lenses

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Set Of Lomo Round Front Anamorphics in PL mounts

35mm, 50mm and 75mm

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Delrin Focus Gears for some Lomos
Delrin focus gears available for Lomo Round Front Anamorphic Lenses

Focus gears for 50mm/75mm/100mm @ US$99 each, Focus gear for 35mm @ US$120 each
Delrin aperture/iris gears are also available for these lomo round fronts for US$99 each

Focus and Zoom gears for the Lomo OPF18 20-120mm zoom, US$180 pair


1980s Lomo Round Front Anamorphic Primes f2.5 75mm, 35mm and 50mm (L-R) in Russian mounts. These anamorphic lenses are of the preferred design where the spherical prime and anamorphic elements are fixed. Focus is controlled by a pair of spherical elements at the very front of the lens. This design produces minimal image distortion (compared to the square fronts) when pulling focus. Minimum focus is 1 metre. Round fronts can be readily converted to PL mount.  
Front view of Russian Lomo Round Front Anamorphic Primes 75mm, 35mm and 50mm. The front of the 50mm and 75mm is about 100mm in diameter
1970s-80s Lomo Square Front Anamorphic Primes, 35mm 2.8, 50mm 2.4 and 80mm 2.5. These lenses focus by the positional shift of the spherical prime (in the traditional way) while the spacing between anamorphic elements changes at the same time. Minimum focus is 1 metre without additional close-up lenses. The square fronts fit the Konvas 2M/8M but 35mm will not fit a Kinor 35H.     
Rear view of Russian Lomo Square Front Anamorphic Primes, 35mm, 50mm and 80mm, in Russian mount. It is possible to convert these lenses to PL mounts but it is much more complicated than converting the round fronts
Russian, OPF-18, rear of zoom anamorphic adaptor (left). Technovision/Shiga rear of zoom anamorphic adaptors (right), ready to fit Cooke zooms or other universal mount zooms and long lenses
(left) OPF-7 and OPF-9 Lomo , rear of zoom anamorphic adaptors. These "small" rear of zoom anamorphic adaptors were often used with the 25-250mm Lomo zoom, making it a 50-500mm zoom with the loss of a bit more than one stop of light.

technovision-shiga Technovision/Shiga rear of zoom anamorphic adaptors, one of the few anamorphic adaptors that work on the Cooke 20-100mm zoom 

LOMO Anamorphic de-squeezer viewfinders (with built in eyepiece)
1970s Lomo 22mm anamorphic lens (with Ken's "Powerscope" engraving)
80s 22mm with 50mm round front Rare 1982 22mm f2 Lomo anamorphic lens (left) 50mm round front lomo anamorphic lens  
Konvas 2M camera fitted with 400 magazine, 50mm Round Front anamorphic lens and LOMO Anamorphic de-squeezer viewfinder
Konvas 2M 35mm cine camera with 200 mag 
35mm Square Front anamorphic lens and LOMO Anamorphic de-squeezer viewfinder 

Xray of 100mm anamorphic lenses. The top image is an Xray of a 100mm Lomo round front. The lower image is an Xray of a series one Hawk 100mm anamorphic lens. Gosh the optical elements in each look very similar...Hmmm

Kinor 35H (similar look to the Moviecam Super America on the outside, but way different on the inside) with 50mm round front anamorphic lens, 400' mag, zoom viewfinder. Click on the picture of the Kinor to see other views of this 35H 

lomo zoom

1988 Lomo 20-120mm f2.5, shown with OPF-18 rear of zoom anamorphic adaptor 

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