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Some interesting nostalgic stories and photos from the sons of  Melbourne Speedway's first promoter Earle Vienet.  click here 

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This is how the track looked in 1973
Thanks very much to Kerri for this update, Kerri knew Mr Wilson and worked at the track on Sundays , 
Kerri explained Mr Bill Evans desire to start a new speedway in Melbourne and how he worked with 
Mr Wilson to transform the Greyhound track into a speedway.
Thanks very much Kerri for this interesting information pre dating what I knew, it's a great help !. 
The land on which the speedway was built was first a greyhound track owned by a Mr Wilson, He was the person who actually built the race track and the wooden fencing and named the track Brooklyn Speedway. I am not sure how many meetings (if any) were run under his ownership. 
The speedway was purchased from Mr Wilson by a private company (for about $250,000 ) which had three equal shareholders, They were Ezmat Haken, Earle Vienet and Laurie Rowland
Laurie was a long time friend of Earle from when they were Business Agents together, Ez was thought to have come from a background of running canteens in drive-in theatres, In the initial stages Earle and Laurie actually built the speedway, including putting in the lighting, They bought an old tip truck and made many trips to the local quarry to make the spectator mounds. They also put up all the safety fencing, Ez looked after the marketing side of things and the canteens. Earle was the Promoter. 


Known as Melbourne Speedway 1965 - 1972     
Owned by Ezmat Haken, Earle Vienet and  Laurie Rowland   

Early in season  1966, Race meetings were mainly run on Sunday Afternoons

Ezmat Haken, Thanks to Alex for the photo.


3rd  December 1966 was the first night meeting
4th November 1967 was the start of a full season of night racing
New  name and ownership for 1972
Named,  "Northern Park Raceway"  with new owner Phil Page from 1972 - 78
New  name and ownership for 1978
Named, " U.S.A.C Brooklyn Speedway", owned and run by Paul Camilleri and Committee from 1978 - 79
New  name and ownership for 1980
Named  " Western International Raceway"  With owners and Promotors Mick & Glenda King from 1980 - 82 
New name and ownership for 1982
Named "The Melbourne Speedbowl", With owner and promotor Richard Newnham from 1982 - 1988 when the speedway closed
All information compiled is as acurate as possible, if anybody knows anything written to be wrong, please let me know so it can be corrected

Thank's To Bernie Hodgson & Phil Jenkins for gathering as much  information as they could.