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Ian Campbell

Ian was "The Melbourne Speedbowl's" regular commentator  from the early 80's until it's closure.


Ian seen here interviewing George Tatnell


Ian was to this day, my favourite Speedway commentator, he knew a lot about
Speedway and was fun to listen to, he was never boring.
His funny one liners used when a wheel flew from a car "You picked a fine time
to leave me loose wheel", he had plenty of them.

As I understand it, his career as a commentator came by chance, when he was
asked to fill in when the regular commentator was unable to make it.
Ian was Nicknamed "Quincy" after his job at the Coroners office.

After the Speedbowl closed, Ian did commentary gigs around Austalia at the biggest
Speedway events and then went on to super speedway at the Calder park Thunderdome.

Ian was a natural when he went on to TV, working on SBS telecasts, from memory I think
it was in Adelaide he tripped over a lead and knocked himself out cold while on air ,
leaving everybody worried about his condition, he returned later to laugh off
the mishap.

After the demise of Super speedway, Ian went on to manage "Premier Speedway"
for some time, I remember a night, I think it was the "Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic"
when the power tranformer situated near the pit area blew up putting out all of the
power, what looked like a hopeless situation, after the club contacted the power
company to see if they could replace the transformer in a reasonable
time, while the power company said they could, it would take 2 to 3 hours, It was
put to the teams and the spectators if this was viable, being such a perfect night,
people were happy to wait, So for the best part of 3 hours with a generator back up
for the P.A system, Ian entertained the crowd, by interviewing everybody from racing drivers
through to tow truck drivers, you name it he interviewed them, he never repeated himself and kept
the crowd amused, that really showed how good he was at his job, to cap it off
power was restored and racing continued until the early hours, out of hundreds
of race meetings I've been to that will be the stand out for me.

Sadly Ian is no longer with us, but he was fun to be around and from my
experience was a generous good character missed by many.