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Thanks Jason, for sending in these photos 
of your fantastic model of Ray "Nippa" Lacey's
Sprintcar, being a fan of Nippa this brings back
great memories for me and I'm sure for others too.

Please click on photos to enlarge

Just a little bit of information for those not old 
enough to know and may be interested, the "Baretta" chassis was built in 
Burwood , Melbourne Australia by Brett Lacey, "Nippa's" son, 
Apart from Brett & Nippa racing these sprintcars,Victoria's 
David Anderson and if memory serves me correctly so did 
the late George Tatnell from NSW to name a few, all were used
with great success in the relatively short time they were 
produced and these cars were still seen racing many years after
production ceased, Paul.
The  Ray "Nippa"  Lacey's  Baretta Sprintcar.
Just like the real Victoria #16  Very nice work Jason.