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             Speedway Models

Can you help David ?, he builds very nice looking models
of Grand National / Late model cars, while he has some photos
mainly of Sydney cars, he'd like some Victorian, SA and QLD cars.
Below is a list of cars in particular he'd like pictures of,
but he'd be grateful for any others you might be able to send him,
they need to be in colour.
further down the page are some examples of his nice work.

To contact David

24 - Cary McCarthy - SA-FM - grand national
Les Feltham apart from the ones on this web site
Graeme Monds
Richard Howe
Graham Forte
Saint Goldini
Tony Parkinson
Mark Weaver
Max De Jersey
Ian Thomas - QLD



Thanks very much David for keeping us up to date as you build more models.

Nice work !!!

#2 Les Feltham
#6 Peter Logue #11 Ken Logue
#5 Neil Sayer   #4 Max De Jersey 
#5 Chris Taylor #5 Graeme Forte 
 #35 Col Robinson  #5 Jim Dyer
 #41 Gene Cook  #82 Paul O'neill
 #91 Walter Giles #14 Barry Graham