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Les Feltham

Anybody who follows Australian speedway has most likely heard of 
Les Feltham, racing in all forms of speedway Sedans and Sprintcars.
Not only Les, but Les's son Jason also raced sprintcars towards the 
end of the Speedbowl days, I believe Jason is still racing today,
great to see their photo collection .

I must thank  Kevin Kearns again for the trouble he went to sending 
photos and this information through and Les Feltham for sharing his photos.

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In the Winners circle, Les surrounded by
his pit crew and a rather young Jason.


Les racing against another very good driver 
Freddie Sutherland from Shepparton.


                                            Les in his Monaro.

Les in his Chevrolet Comaro.


Les in his Torana.

Les's  immaculate HQ Holden.


Monster Monaro.

Grand National in action.


Parade lap in the Grand National .

Springvale Auto wreckers Grand National at the Speedbowl. With their spotless Sprintcars, Jason Left and Les right at Bendigo. 



Les at Bendigo in his Sprintcar.

Team Feltham, Jason outside with Les inside at Avalon.