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Peter Farley

Thanks very much to Peter for sharing some of his memories of Brooklyn Speedway known as usarc
during 1976, Peter started racing his Holden EH, a car he raced for 3 years, in his first year he won best first 
year driver, Peter's EH was later sold to Mark Weaver, giving Mark his start in racing speedway, at 
that time Mark was crewing for Les Feltham, Peter also built and owned some of Les Felthams race cars.

{Just as an interesting footnote, at the time of writing this, Peter was saying Les Feltham 
was planning on racing at Drouin on the weekend, great to see Les still enjoying his speedway}.

Getting back to Peter, Peter was to sit out for a year while he built his LJ Holden Torana, taking
a chance and making it the first full chassis car in Victoria without flares, he raced it in the same 
colours as Dave Best's SLR Torana , that car was later sold to Steve Howard and Phil Cottee , Phil was 
a well known sign writer in the speedway fraternity ,sign writing many cars, a notable one being the car 
driven by Tony Grinstead, Steve later becoming Peter's brother in-law.

The next car Peter went on to build was a Chev Camaro that Les Feltham raced for 2 seasons and Peter
would drive occasionally.

After a change to Grand national cars, which Peter said "were a lot of fun", but unfortunately
the class died, so he built an IROC Camaro, his last race car, also the last car sign written
by Phil Cottee before he died, that car was used to compete against the American's when they 
visited Australia, Peter's last race meeting was at Bendigo in the early 1990's.

Added 20/10/12.