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A really big Thank you to Glenn for sending in these fantastic photos
and help with naming as many drivers as he could.

If anybody can help with the missing names to these drivers , Glenn would
really appreciate it.

1973 Australian Saloon Car Championship 

  Noel Graham #17

Bev Mahoney #26

Barry Stelling

Grace Couch

John Dickinson #46

Marg Miller

Kavanagh #28 the middle EH is Gordon Wyatt #23 is Paul Camilleri

Dave Wignall from ACT after winning the 1973 Aussie Championship.

Australia #1  David House  Neville Harper #22

Gene Cook #5

L22 The great Neville Harper from Tasmania.


Peter Smith

V#3 John Spies

Don Grant #14

44 Keith Brumby a giant killer.