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Driver : Gerald Evans

Gerald racing at Alexandra speedway Gerald's EH Holden

Thanks very much to Gerald for putting some of his Speedway memories into writing , 
I really enjoyed reading this, I 'm sure others will too.

Lets go back to the old days when the track was dirt and not clay....we had the solos and side cars,when they had finished there racing half the crowd 
would go home....
The track wasn't that bad, on an average evening in the early days you had on the one evening solos ,Sidecars,Tq's, Production cars, Hot rods ,Speedcars 
and Super modified's ...there would be a crowd between 4 and 7 thousand people every Saturday night...when you raced, a driver and 2 mechanics would get 
in free and I would be hitchhiking down Fitzgerald road at 2.00 - 3.00 am in the morning...
I was at a club meeting one evening at progress hall in Barkley St west Footscray when we were cautioned , if we nominated to race and didn't turn up we 
would not be allowed to race the following week as the promoter only wanted 60 cars and that was just, 3 heats a repacharge and a final.....20 to 24 cars in a heat ..,it was fun.

I was there the evening when speedway went south for Victoria...., they asked Gordon Rintool to panel beat his car as it was looking a bit rough, silver 
EH also in that film clip you will see what I mean...I cant remember the exact words but the last few words were "I will start my own club",..not 100% sure 
I think that was the birth of the MSC...then USARC ,MSDA...

In the early days we would freight a few cars to Sydney to compete and they would send a few down to us....
Reline Speedway even had live telecasts on TV....