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                                                                                                          Kevin {Kiwi} Kearns 

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Kevin {Kiwi} Kearns

I must thank Kevin very much for his input, not only for 
his great photos, but also for his interesting stories, 
apart from the Speedbowl there are also some photos taken 
at Bendigo, all well worth including, I'm sure others will 
enjoy them too.

Kevin raced in the Victorian team during the 1974 & 75 
season made up of himself, Les Feltham & Bill Spies that 
raced against team U.S.A's Gene Welsh,Ed Wilbur,Rodney 
Combs and Wayne Sue.

"The first year their cars were corvettes,they stored 
their cars in sydney, And the following year shipped out 
new fibro bodies of later model corvettes, And called them 
mako sharks,each year when in Melbourne, they used our 
workshop and stayed at the Deer park motor inn, Wayne Sue 
raced my xu1 at one of the meetings, but would not 
let me drive his car, they fitted weight jacks to my car and 
taught us about tyre stagger,so they were very helpful."

"My motor was not going to be ready for the Bendigo gold cup,
Queens birthday weekend 1974, Phil Brock used to help us and 
come and watch when he could, he said lets pull the motor 
out of Brocks rally car called "the beast", So we borrowed it 
for that meeting then returned it, got a 3rd there"

Some of Kevin's memorable moments were:

Placing second in a big Coca Cola sponsored race 
at Premier Speedway Warrnambool with first prize 
winning a trip to Indy, he was the only driver 
in that race with a 6 cylinder engine.

Rolling over end for end from the bottom of the 
front straight to cross the start finish line to 
still get 3rd place.


Kevin Kearns & Mick Reeves 
at Bendigo Kevin went on to win.

Close racing at Bendigo 
with Peter Timberlake


last lap trying to do a desperate 
move for 1st place didn't quite work 

A winning Kevin on the 
cover of the "Northern Park"
programme, later called 
"The Melbourne Speedbowl".

Kevin Kearns Torana XU1 1975

Kevin Kearns Torana XU1 1974

speedway turbo Holden engine

Kevin Kearns & David House