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The following pages are a tribute to Vern alcorn 
who passed away recently following an illness.

Vern was one of the stand out Victorian riders of the 1960's & 1970's 
until a career ending crash that very nearly claimed his life leaving Vern in a 
Coma for 6 weeks, but with the help of his family including rehabilitation, 
Vern went on to live a very productive life away from racing and continued with 
his sign writing business, a credit to his family and himself to beat the odds.

While I didn't know Vern personally, I'm honored that his brother Dallas was
willing to let me use these photos and newspaper clippings from Vern's collection.
Vern indeed was a very interesting person with more talents than just racing.

If anybody can remember any more about Vern's racing career or have photos 
to add to Vern's tribute pages please send to

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Page 1 shows Vern's pre racing days with his B.S.A
Page 2 Vern's racing days >>>
Page 3 Racing at Port Pirie coming soon
Page 4 Vern's Life after racing coming soon 


A young Vern on his smart looking  B.S.A