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Speedway Movies

Here's my chance to share with the world my questionable taste in movies, 
but if you're like me, if it's got racing in it, how bad can it be ???.
If you have any "Good" racing movies even some lousy ones you'd like to mention, feel free to let me know.
so I can add them to the list .


"Midnite Spares" 1983

The bench mark in speedway movies,
It has even had the stamp of approval from
Quentin Tarantino, he knows a thing or two about movies.
A realistic and very funny look at Sprintcar racing
in the early 80's, a who's who of real speedway stars pop up in 
the background and on the track as well as Allan Edworthy 
a real life commentator.
Thankfully it was released onto DVD a while back so 
it's still easy to pick up a copy.


"Once a Jolly Swagman" 1949

While it may be an old movie, apart from a few dodgy 
scenes, I think it's still one of the few Speedway movies
that looks realistic, some great close up's of old
Rudge Speedway bikes as well.
Often played late at night on the ABC.


"Sidecar Racers" 1975

This was a very hard video to get hold of, but very well
done, plenty of racing scenes, ranging from Motocross
road racing and speedway.

Thanks very much to Shane for finding this preview of "Sidecar racers".