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Dedicated to the memory of Chris Taylor.

Thanks very much to Rod & Jenny for supplying some of the photos on this page.

I write this tribute to Chris Taylor with some personal memories of Chris,
I remember the first night Chris moved into the Sprintcar ranks, at the 
start of the Season Chris turned up at the Melbourne Speedbowl with his
Shiny new Sprintcar on the trailer, everybody was giving his car the once 
over, I for one couldn't wait to see Chris take to the track with it, but the weather 
had other ideas, and we had to wait until the next Sprintcar meeting due to a wash out .

Chris took little time to be on the pace and soon become a force to be reckoned 
with, sadly Chris only had a couple of seasons racing Sprintcars as a freak 
accident ended his career and nearly his life, thankfully Chris fought back 
and managed to recover, far better than anybody could have expected.

When Chris was selling his Sprintcar equipment at the Avalon Swap meet, I bought
his front wing as a keepsake, I asked him if he'd mind autographing it for me
and said, I'd be happy to, but am unable to at the moment, but told me to contact
him in a about 3 months as he thought he'd be recovered enough to write his autograph.

As it turned out I was going for my P Plates {Licence} about then, so after managing
to pass my test, I came home and called Chris, true to his word said to call in and
he instructed me to drive in, for those that don't know Chris had a Porsche dealership in Geelong,
so where he told me to park was a bit intimidating for my very first solo run in the old Holden
Van parked amongst all of these new Porsches, but if he was worried he didn't show it, 
he invited me into his office, made me a cup of coffee and autographed his wing for me and had a 
really nice chat, I often saw him at speedway meetings, he even sat with us at Avalon one night
which was an honor,
I'm really sad that he's gone, but every time I think of that day I can't help but smile,
Chris, you were not only a Champion driver , but a gentleman, I'll forever appreciate
that special day, you'll never know how much it meant to me, thank you.


Feature winner Chris. Before Sprintcars, Chris was a very successful  Sedan  Racer.
Chris's first Sprintcar. Chris running wheel to wheel with Aus #1 Brett Lacey.
Chris's second season in Sprintcars. Chris learned the art of Sprintcar racing very quickly.
More wheel to wheel action . Chris's always immaculate Sprintcar.
This happens to the best of them. Nippa Lacey .Chris Taylor and Rob Rankin in a tangle.
Rescue crew on the scene.