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Latest Updates 15/6/2019 

Fantastic news for Speedbowl fans, a huge thank you to Neville for 
sharing his impressive photo collection, it covers all categories and the photos are 
first class, I really appreciate being given the opportunity to put them on 
this website for all to enjoy, I will be adding the collection when time 
permits, so keep watching for regular updates!.
Copies of these photos are available to purchase, details are at the the top of the pages. 
Scan-190315-0004 john sidney For More Sprintcars click here>>
Scan-190312-0009 For More Sprintcars click here>>
Untitled-Scanned-65 For more Sprintcars click here>>
Untitled-Scanned-57 For more Sidecars click here>>
Scan-190315-0012 For more Sidecars click here>>
Scan-190307-0023 For more Hotrods click here>> 
Scan-190315-0232 For more Solos click here>>
Scan-190312-0012 For more Stunt photos click here>>
Scan-190315-0241 For more Sedans click here>>
Scan-190315-0133 For more Sedans click here>> 
Scan-190315-0138 For more Sedans click here>>
Scan-190315-0200 For more Compact Speedcars click here>> 
Scan-190312-0043 For more Solos click here>>

For more  Sidecars click here>>


For more Sedans click here >> 


For more Hotrods click here>>


For more Sprintcars click here>>


For more Speedcars click here>>


For more Compact Speedcars click here>>


For more Solos click here >>


For more Sidecars click here >>


For more Sedans click here >>


For more Sprintcars click here >>


For more Hotrods click here>>

John Dewhurst Thank you very much to Lindsay
for this great photo of  John Dewhurst
{face mask removed},
John was an outstanding rider!.

image1 Many thanks to Scott for some great photos
and story covering his restoration project
The famous SA78 / Australia # 1 Speedcar
raced by Phil March.
Apologies Scott for taking an eternity to 
post these, due to circumstances beyond my
control it couldn't be helped for more
click here>>

Thanks very much to john for sending in these great photos, if any of these drivers recognize themselves
it'd be great to put names to these photos.

IMG_20160221_0034 For more photos click here>>
IMG_20160221_0025 For more photos click here>>

 Speedbowl Poem Thanks to Max for sending this Speedbowl Poem
this will get those memories flooding back !
to read it click here >>

Ron Barassi Thank you very much to Neville for sending this fantastic 
photo of an AFL/ VFL football legend who had a drive in a fun 
race, apologies for the delay in posting your photo Neville.

Do you know who this is ?, to find out >>click here

1 Thanks very much to Max Engellenner for allowing me to use 
his photos, for more click here >>

Could anybody please help Tony with information on this artwork ?
he found it some time ago on a web page but can no longer
remember where he found it,he'd like to know if
this was the copy of a real decal or if it was made more 
recently ?, any information would be appreciated, if you know 
please let me know through this website on the contact page
so I can pass it on.

From 10 May 2016

2016 Tracey's Speedway reunion

To see photo album  

will be held from 10am-4pm on Sunday, April 3

Many thanks to Mark for sending in these photos of his beautifully restored Hotrod
To view more photos click here>>


Thanks very much Darren for these clips,                      see more  >>click here
Thank you very much to Dean 
For sending the link to the 1982 Saloon car title,
Dean's put it on youtube for anybody to see
It's in 4 parts, you'll easily find the rest 
but part 1 is >>Click here

Don't forget to check out many other great videos on
Dean's Youtube channel >>Click here


Remembering Chris Taylor,
It's almost 12 months since we heard the sad news of
the passing of Chris, I've put a page together dedicated
to Chris, hopefully I'll add more as time goes on, please >>click here 

Nowra Speedway Vintage Demonstration Day April 11th
Entry details, >>click here

Peter Ghent, wild ride photos, please >>click here

Thanks to John for making contact , lots of people have emailed me asking about Mick Stagg,
John had some interesting stories that are well worth adding including Alan Shaw,
here's what John had to say.

"whilst I don't have any pictures of Mick, I fondly remember working on his EH Holden in the
Brooklyn days. He was a good mate of Alan "Sparra" Shaw, who also was a noted driver.
I helped both drivers in the late 60's. Stagg's name was actually Nichola Stagliano, and he
worked for League Taxi's in Carlton, just near the Exhibition Buildings. Great bloke, he lived
in Glenroy.
Alan Shaw was a Coburg boy who worked at a number of service stations, as a mechanic, in
Pascoe vale for a few years, and then had a workshop in Woodend."

Thanks John, I really appreciate your information.

Thank you very much to the person who kindly sent in these 
photos, to see more please click here

Thanks very much to Darren for sending in these fantastic photos
of his father Herman Bubleinik's racing career, to
see more click here >> 

Thanks very much to Dean for sending 
the link to the Melbourne Speedbowl 
Season opener for 1986,the other
3 parts are available too, many 
thanks Dean. 

Can any Hotrod fans help Ray ?
He's looking for any photos of  his Hotrod
SDAV #98, if you have any please send them 
to and I'll 
pass them on. 

Thank you very much to Graeme & Trevor for these 
unique photos and stories behind them,
for more click here >>>


A great new website has started up with a huge amount 
of fantastic photos covering just about every category 
you could imagine, anybody who checks out this website 
won't be disappointed !.

I was very saddened to hear of the loss of Chris Taylor
as I'm sure the many people who knew him would be .
Condolences to Chris's family and friends.
Thank you very much to Rod for bringing this to my 
A tribute to Chris will be added soon.

Thanks very much to Shane for these contributions, they're very much appreciated.
"Sidecar racers" film preview click here
Grid positions to match photo click here

Thanks very much Darren for solving another mystery for me in the sedans section,
great to get the names matching the photos, thanks again for your help Darren.

Vale: Frank Allwell.
Speedbowl regulars will remember Frank for
his dedication working on the crash crew,
a great loss to the speedway community.
Frank's profile shows how valued and respected he was.
condolences to Frank's family and friends.

Vale: Lloyd Crundwell
Another great loss to the Speedway community with the passing 
of Sidecar Star Lloyd Crundwell, Lloyd's son Shane has kindly
sent in some articles and photos marking Lloyd's great career, 
Condolences to Lloyd's family and friends
to visit Lloyd's tribute page, please >>click here. 

Thanks to the kind person who helped fill in some missing 
names to photos on this web site, it's always great to fill in
the blanks, it's very much appreciated.
Also many thanks for sending in this great photo of  Hotrod great 
Ken Howard, to see larger picture please click here.


As a follow up to the story below, Gerald has kindly written about his racing memories 
and Brooklyn Speedway, for a very good read click here

Many thanks Gerald.

Thanks very much to Brooke for sending in these photos of her father Gerald,
Gerald started racing at 16 years of age !.
To enlarge these photos please click on the thumbnails above. 

Thanks very much to Alex for sending in this
fantastic clip which was taken between
 1969 - 71 at Laverton.

Very sad to report that Sprintcar, Super Modified and Hotrod legend Graeme McCubbin has passed, 
away I think it's fair to say Graeme was and will remain  one of Australia's finest Speedway drivers ever 
and a true gentleman to we the fans, condolences to his family and friends.

Thanks very much to Graeme Brown for this interesting information relating to Graeme McCubbin. 

Without Graeme, Melbourne Speedway would never have reached the level that it did. 
Graeme built one of the first three production cars for the opening of the track. 
Graeme was one of the few that created the opening for the development of the saloons 
divisions in this state. 197 members in the first twelve months of the club. 
He was building Supermodifieds on the Edmunds style chassis back in 62. It is well noted 
that Bill Willis (one of Graeme's best mates) won the first Hot Rod Championship in 63 at 
Windsor. What is little known is that it was a McCubbin chassis. (full tube) McCubbin came 
third in that Championship. the twin chassis went to Ray Skipper who campaigned it with 
great success for years. R.I.P. Graeme McCubbin.

More information on Vern Alcorn from Shane for click here
Latest Sprintcar photos thanks to Rod & Jenny click here

Thanks very much to Peter Tuckett for helping identify the nameless drivers 
in the sedan page, it's great to find out.
Anybody who's curious, can check them out >>here, don't forget to hit the refresh 
button at the top of the page.

Thanks again to Morrie for sending even  more photos from his collection, they are very much appreciated.

>>click here to see more
>>click here to see more 
>>click here to see more  

It's been a while since I've added anything new to the website,
But the latest addition is well worth the wait, best of all it's 
just the start of what's to come, thanks to an enormous amount of photos 
from almost all categories donated from Rod & Jenny, I can't thank them 
enough for their input, I appreciate the work involved, there won't be a 
shortage of new material on this website for a long time to come, I'll 
keep adding photos whenever time permits, keep checking the list below for further updates.
Sedan photos added 22/6/13  

>>click here

Sprintcar photos added 25/4/13 

>>click here

Speedcar photos added 1/5/13 

>>click here

Hotrod photos added 21/5/13 

>>click here

Thanks very much to Paul for sending these fantastic photos,
a unique collection that I'm sure every speedway enthusiast
will enjoy, to see more click here

latest Classic speedway media release , please click here.


Thanks very much to Barrie for some great pictures of his A grade Hotrod, and also some photos of Ray Welsh in his final race, to see more click here.
Can anybody help Andrea from the Tasmanian 
Formula 500 Club ?, she is trying to gather 
photos for the 50th anniversary Australian 
Title to be held during March 2013 at 
Carrick Speedway.
Any photos from past would be appreciated, in 
particular previous Australian champions !.
Please send any photos to                                                                      and I will pass them on.



Does anybody have photos of Arthur Wood ? Arthur raced in the sedans class
as #12, his first car the ex Alan Beckhurst FJ Holden , later Arthur also raced a 
Mk3 Zephyr, any copies of photos or programmes would be greatly appreciated as
all have been lost over the years, if you can help, please contact Paul at

It's with great sadness I was informed of the passing of Ray Welsh,
A competitor I've always admired, starting from from my childhood,
watching him race at The Speedbowl, he would always take the time to
sign an autograph or talk to us kids, I really hope he knew how much 
that meant to us. 
Even after his massive roll over that sidelined him for some time, he 
came back stronger than ever.
It wasn't just his driving skill I admired, but also his mechanical 
ability that was amazing, he could  build very reliable fast cars,
Ray was always in with a chance of winning, always !.

It was obvious that Ray had great support from his family with his 
racing, it was really nice to see.

My thoughts go out to Ray's family and friends, 
Seeing Ray in his Ricochet #75 Ford will never be too far from my thoughts. 


Thanks very much Harry for some really interesting clips ,they are well worth reading and very much appreciated. 

Please click on each image to see full size.


In case your browser doesn't pick up all changes to this page automatically, you can hit the refresh button manually


Peter Farley was kind enough to send me some of his memories from his racing days going  he first started at Brooklyn in 1976, I really enjoyed hearing what Peter had to say.
Thanks very much for your input Peter.
To read more, click here>>

Thanks very much Adrian for sending some fantastic 
clips from his collection, some big names in speedway
to see more click here >>.

More great Programmes from Dean !, 
Thanks again Dean... click here>>  for more 
Thanks very much to Dean for sending in these 
great ad and programmes , they really bring 
back memories great for me and I'm sure they will
for others too, to see more click here >> 

Thanks Peter for helping with getting some very interesting 
new additions for the web site, it's really appreciated.

John's TQ photos click here 




Kevin's Mini Modified click here

Does anybody have any photos of Mick Stagg ?,
Albano would like to see some photos of his
favourite speedway driver, if you can help , please
contact the web site, it would be very much appreciated.

  Thanks very much Darryl for these great photos, to see more click here


  Nippa Lacey fans will be impressed with this fantastic model built by Jason, as a fan of Nippa myself and seeing the real car race on many occassions the attention to detail is incredible. to see more click here


  Well here is the last installment of Alex's photos,
A fantastic trip back in time to "Brooklyn Speedway" , pre "Speedbowl" days.
Thanks again Alex for sharing these fantastic memories.
To see the latest

Mini Rods click here
"Death Dodgers" stunt team click here




Some more photos have been added from
Alex's collection, still more to go, to
see the latest click on these links.
Hotrods click here
Solos click here
Super Modifieds click here

Sedan fans are sure to enjoy these fantastic photos that Alex has kindly sent in, and the good news is these are just the start, keep watching for some different categories that Alex has also included , so please stay tuned over the next few days !!!

To see the latest from Alex's collection

click here to go to >> Page 3
click here to go to >> Page 4

Can anybody help Scott ?, he's looking for a copy of the Australian
Super sedan title won by Tony Grinstead circa 1984 at the Melbourne Speedbowl, If you have a copy, please contact me @ and I'll pass your message on.


A new addition to the web site is Track Records, to go to the page Click here  



Thanks very much Alex for sending in these
amazing photos, these really show Brooklyn
in it's early days, they are very much
appreciated .

Page 1 click here
Page 2 click here


The last installment of the Vern Acorn collection has been added, showing Vern's life away from racing.
Again, thanks Dallas for making this possible
it's been a real insight to Vern's life , not just
a great speedway sidecar racer, but an outstanding artist too, I've thoroughly enjoyed learning about Vern as I'm sure others will too .
Again if anybody can add more photos or stories for Vern's family it would be greatly appreciated, latest page added click here

Send to


The enjoyable part of this web site is you never know what pictures or information
will turn up next, here is a great example.
Pictured here is Adrian Flory after collecting the hardware in the 1967 Victorian Production car title.

for more please click here

Thanks very much to Adrian for even more great pictures, I'm sure I'm not the only one to appreciate these.
for more please click here


Thanks Tony for sending me more photos of
your models, I hope you didn't mind me adding
them to the website, they're great work.
To see them click here


Just Updated: Tony's Speedway sedan models, these are fantastic, well worth a look, now you can see action shots click here

Jim has kindly sent in some great photos, to see them click here

A new addition to the website is the race crew page, the unsung
heroes, hopefully more will be added in the future, click here

Thanks very much Bryan for sending in a couple of great photos
from his racing days, to see the full size photos please click here

Vale Neil Street,
Speedway has lost a true legend of the sport,a humble man
who acheived so much and helped many up and coming riders.
read more click here

Latest Video clips added

Speedcar, Hotrods, Grand Nationals & Solo videos now added click here.

David has been kind enough to send in an update of his
Grand National models he's been building,well worth a
look, you can see his latest work, click here
Please don't forget if you have any photos you
can send of Victorian Grand National cars him he'd be
very grateful.
Thanks for the update David !.

Wangaratta Motorsports club's
Upcoming vintage speedway 
classic looks like a good 
event, click on the picture below 
for more details.

I've finally added some more programme covers
Page 3 Page 4 & Page 5 have just been added.

Very Sad news in the Motorcycle world with the Passing of
Ken Wooten, a great fun guy that will be very sadly missed.
To read more click here

More great content has been sent in by long time supporter of this
website Glenn, some programmes covers click here that go back
through to the early days, and to top it off a lot of Grand National
photos click here, sure brings back some memories !, Thanks Glenn .

Barrie's found some more great things to send in,
For starters I've added a really nice picture
going back to 1967 of Bruce Dixon click here
and some more full programmes click here thanks again Barrie.

Thanks to an email from Chris
a supporter of this website, it jogged my memory about
a song that was written for the Winfield ASC series from
the late 80's early 90's if my memory is correct, so that
prompted me to add a music and movie section relating to
speedway to the website, so thanks Chris, I think you've
started something,to hear it click here.

Brett & Tom's O.T.R Sprintcar, to see it click here

Barrie's done it again, more programmes, thanks again Barrie, to view them click here

Not Speedway, but Congratulations to Cameron Donald on his brilliant result
already at this years Isle of man TT Superbike race.

Get well Leigh Adams, hope things get better for you soon read more If you'd like to send your best wishes directly to Leigh, send to

Thanks again to Glenn for sending even more sedan
photos in, lots of great memories in this latest collection, to see them click here.

Can you help David find Late model Sedan photos ?: click to read more:
Can you help David ?, he's looking for Late model / Grand national photos so
he can build models of these cars,while he has some photos of Sydney cars he'd
like Victorian, Sa and QLD cars, but any would be appreciated.
to see examples of the great models he builds and his wish list
of photos click here
Tony's sedan photos click to read more:
Tony sent in some great photos and scans of old stickers, to see them, click here
Thank you Bernie Hodgson & Phil Jenkins : please click to read more:
Thank you to Bernie Hodgson and Phil Jenkins, Bernie for giving me
permission to use his great photos from his days as official photographer
at the " Melbourne Speedbowl", my visits to his photo kiosk and later to
his shop to buy photos are times I remember fondly,We spent many hours
talking about speedway,and Phil for his comprehensive knowledge,
I'm very grateful for the help.
About this web site: read more:
While this website is centred on the Melbourne Speedbowl, It's also about the competitors and spectators who frequented the Speedbowl, I think it would be a shame to not include
the interesting photos and information that many people have taken the trouble to send in, to me it's added a whole new dimension to the website that originally I'd never considered, as a lot of these competitors raced at many other venues during this period.