ergoboy.gif (5838 bytes) Ergonomically Advanced Gliding Wrist/Palm Support for Mouse & Trackball

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  • Ergonomically Supports Wrist and Palm
  • Adjustable for Negative and Positive Tilting
  • Provides Continuous Easy Gliding Support
  • Includes a Precision-Glide Mousing Surface
  • Your Fingers and Arm Control the Mouse
    ...Not the Wrist!

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The ComfortPoint comes in LARGE, SMALL, LEFT and RIGHT handed at only
$49.95 + GST
Orders can be made by Phone, Fax or Internet.
FREE Delivery within Australia

ComfortPoint Instructions

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  • ComfortGlide can be used with virtually any Standard or MAC computer keyboard.
  • Designed to allow the user to rest hands, wrists and forearms on a pair of gliding supports.
  • The patented, ergonomic HandSupports are contoured to the human hand and designed to provide comfortable support.
  • Significantly reduce the risk of musculoskeletal strain injuries associated with repetitive computer keyboeard and mouse use, including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendinitis, Epicondilitis, DeQuervain's Disease and Tenosynovidtis.
  • ComfortGlide provides total keyboarding comfort, increases productivity, and dramatically reduces the stress and strain of keyboard, mouse and trackball use by never having to lift your hand again to go from keyboard to mouse and back.
  • The contoured, cushioned "HandSupports" allow left and right, back and forward motions and do not impede finger and thumb motions.
  • Priced at $140.00 + GST
  • FREE Delivery within Australia