Figure 1

1. Attach the small Velcro tab to mouse or trackball as shown in figure 1.

Figure 2

2. Connect Velcro strap, fuzzy side up, to mouse or trackball as shown in figure 2.
3. Place palm on "contour paddle" and use your mouse or trackball.

You should be able to hold the mouse with your fingers and easily reach the mouse buttons. If not, try adjusting the length of the Velcro strap by pulling off base and moving strap back or forwards - replace base.

Hand Left Hand Middle Hand Right
Negitive Tilt No Tilt Positive Tilt

For further comfort, rotate the base so the arrow points to any coloured dot to change angle.

Note: Comfort Point is intended to offer comfort and support to mouse or trackball operators. If any discomfort begins or persists, discontinue using and consult with your doctor or specialist.