ComfortPoint & pageUp

ComfortPoint: Ergonomically advanced gliding wrist/palm support for mouse & trackball.
ComfortGlide: Designed to allow the user to rest hands, wrists and forearms on a pair of gliding supports.
PC Arm Support: Adjustable, gliding, forearm / shoulder support for all types of keyboards & mice.
PageUp: Document or business card holder. Exceptional advertising medium.
Smart'In: Stands all paper types, from fax to light cardboard.
Porta-Book: Supports paper and books of 600 pages. Inside you can carry assorted accessories.
Tripod Stand: Camera, telescope, microphone etc, special design fits easily to car window.
Lighting: Importer and manufacturer of quality light fittings and table lamps.
LED Lighting: New Rope Lights, Net Lighting and Icicle lights.
DownLight Support Box: Enclose downlight into suport box then can be completely covered by Insulation or Concrete.

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