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  • Articulating, adjustable, gliding, forearm / shoulder support for all types of keyboards, mice & trackballs
  • Lessens the risk of CTS(Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and RSI
  • Reduces stress, muscular fatigue, pain and numbness
  • Made out of Aluminium Alloy
  • Priced at $90.00 each (+ GST)

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A product of Finland

Winner of the Tylenol Arthritis Foundation Design Award, the year it was introduced!
  • Comfortable, fluid like support for anyone who uses a terminal, keyboard or mouse.
  • Adjustable for personal fit with soft leather pads that cradles you arm.
  • Smooth, fluid like motion gives you the support you need for work or play
  • Use with the optional mouse pad or alone or in pairs
  • Quality workmanship, makes the ErgoRest a once in a lifetime purchase

PC Arm Support

PC Arm Support

Ergorest - Arm Support - 130mm pad
$160.00 each (+ GST)

  • Ergorest is easy to install. "No tools required"
  • The arm rests are upholstered in easy-care soft blue leather
  • The height of the rests can be adjusted by a finger screw found beneath the arm
  • The height is correct when the bottom of the arm pad is level with the lowest keys of the keyboard

Ergorest - Arm Support - 200mm pad
$176.00 each (+ GST)

  • Prevention is the best perscription
  • The Ergorest pad takes over the supporting role of your arms and shoulders
  • The muscular tension in the shoulders can be decreased down to one tenth of the normal level
  • Yet the user has got almost unlimited freedom of movement and can reach all space on and beside the keyboard easily

PC Arm Support

PC Arm Support

Ergorest - Arm Support with Mouse pad
$229.00 each (+ GST)

  • The frame and clamps are manufactured from light metals and aluminium alloy
  • Plastic parts are made from polyamid
  • The padding is made of foam plastic
  • The upholstery consists of genuine leather
  • The forearm rest is light weight, very stable and easy to use

Ergorest with height adjustment
$219.00 each (+ GST)

PC Arm Support

Maintenance and Care

The Ergorest forearm rest is maintenance free. Wipe the metal parts with a damp cloth. Keep water and moisture away from the joints. Clean the pads with a mild soap-and-water solution.
Use alcohol solution to remove ink, lipstick and other stains. Have the pad replaced when worn or damaged.

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Free Delivery within Australia for purchases of the Ausconn or Ergorest Arm Supports