MultiTripod Stand

Use in a motorcar, on a table, as a macro- and reprostand
When using the stand in a motorcar, as a table stand, a macrostand or reprostand, the stand head is always mounted to the stand, whereupon the camera equipment, the camera with objective, video camera, telescope or other such equipment is mounted to the stand head in the normal manner.

Shoulder and chest support
When using the stand as a shoulder and chest support, usually camera equipment with telephoto lens, e.g. 80-200 mm or 300 mm etc., or a video camera for similar photographing or filming situations, the equipment is mounted directly to the stand with the aid of the fastening screw and the tightening knob, but without the stand head.

The stand is easy to use also for macrophotography of plants, as it does the splits in many ways. If the ground is soft, use a suitable stone, tree or such under the stand, if required (hereby an angular viewfinder and a cable release are usually used with the camera).

The stand has a holding groove, wherein the car's window edge is placed when close to its lowest position, whereby the stand is supported on the bottom edge of the window opening and with its triangle part of the car door under the window opening. This makes it possible to use even heavy equipment (e.g. a camera + 600 mm f 4.0 objective) for photographing and filming from a motorcar.

Using the stand, it is easy to place a video camera a bit on the side and direct the filming with the remote control, if the situation so demands (when filming at home, in meetings etc.). Also children's games, dog training and other such situations can be filmed easily from the car, whereby filming is effortless and free from disturbances. The same applies to observation of wild animals with a telescope and to various filming from the car - the car functions as a sort of hiding place and weather protection, and it adds to comfort, mobility etc. in use.

Tilting lever for right and left-handed persons:
The stand can be used both by right- and left-handed persons. The tilting lever at the swivel is screwed entirely off, when necessary, and the triangle part is turned round, whereby the tilting lever is turned back into its position from the opposite side. Thus, the tilting lever is reversed for use by either right- or left-handed persons.

Table mounting:
Please also note, that when required the stand may be mounted for use on a table by using a screw press on the tabletop. When using a photographic camera (macro- or reprophotography), use a cable or delayed release to prevent shaking.

Sound recording:
The stand is entirely coated, which means that it is not apt to transmit noise or produce bangs, so it may well be used also for directing microphones in sound recordings both indoors and in nature, and you can also use this stand in cold weather in several situations to prevent your hands from freezing.

It is easy to place and direct many kinds of lighting equipment, even those requiring electric conductors, in lower, upper and side positions and to bring about various reflected light from desired angles, and also to place flashlight equipment with wireless control, to put products on display etc. Always make sure that the equipment is carefully mounted and that the stand is correctly positioned.

The package contains:
- a stand
- a fastening screw with alternative threaded ends of 1/4" or 3/8"
- a tightening knob, internal thread 3/8"
- instructions for use

Weight and dimensions:
750 gr 223 x 175 x 75/170 mm
1.65 lb (1 lb 13 oz) 8.78 x 7.08 x 2.9/6.7 inches

MultiTripod is made of steel and the coating is polyurethanes. The visible metallic parts of the frame are made of stainless steel.

Optional equipment like ball head, quinoid head, liquid head etc. are sold by shops specialized in photography.

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