Hidden away amongst my various webpages is this little page which contains the latest info and photos for the Erickson family. Have a browse and catch up on our latest news and see what we look like.

You now those people who send a dreadful generic Christmas letter saying what everyone has been up to for the past 12 months. Alas I also am one of them  but rather than send it out, I have gone one step further in crassness and have put it online!!! So feel free to bypass it and just have a look at the photos. But if you really wnt to read it, then here it is...

Our Christmas Letter

And now onto the photos

This year we celebrate our silver wedding anniversary - we were married on December 23, 1978. Shown in the photo are (from left to right), Lois's sistger Bev, my brothere Terry, Lois, me, Jenny Kimpton and Dave Kenyon. What a handsome lot we were - I leave it to you to decide if the years have been kind to us! 

Were they ever that small?

Matt the Guitarist

Matt looking very cool !

Paul's 20th birthday - Chris, Matt, Mark and Dave at back, Paul seated

Paul and Dave with Chopper Read - after the boys successfully bid for some 'Chopper memorabilia' at an auction

Chris the bass player

Chris in walking mode (November 2003).

It's hard when you are the top dog (Dave) or is that top cat (Meggs)?

Who said that? I'm the top cat around here! And don't you forget it.

Our wamest regards to all our many friends this Christmas

Tim, Lois, Dave, Chris, Paul and Matt

Last updated: December 2003

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