It's December already and Christmas rushes towards us uin unrelenting fashion. For the first time in years, Melbourne is green and lush, the result of near record spring rains. It is indeed an early Christmas present!

As usual, I also include our Christmas letter for those who want a few of the finer details.

Our Christmas Letter

And now onto the usual annual collection of photos.

Christmas 1988 at the Andersons for our yearly family photo Mothers Day 2010 - Chris on Skype and Paul, Matt and Dave in person
Chris and Tim at the Boxing Day test - 26 Dec 2009
Rosemary at the top of Mt Wellington in Hobart in February
Chris races in the Australian 20km championship in February in Hobart. His third place earned him selection in the Australian Commonwealth Games Team
February 2010 - Tim and Lois help Rosemary celebrate her birthday.
Terry with his dogs in Darwin in February
Terry with Paul at the big wedding in March
The wedding ceremony
Rachel and Chris with the many members of the walking fraternity who attended the wedding
Rachel walks up the centre isle
The newly married couple
Tim with his brothers Mick and Terry at the big wedding
The ushers - Matt and Paul
Lois's sister Bev with husband Greg before the wedding
Lois's brother Neil, wife Jill and Rosemary before the wedding
Dave with Diana at the wedding
Matt graduates with his Bachelor of Music degree in May
Lois and Tim at Matt's graduation - Bachelor of Music
Tim, Lois, Rachel and Chris at yet another wedding in April
Tim, Lois, Jill and Neil at the Kimpton family home in Thornbury - that fence needs painting!
Tim and Lois enjoy a coconut drink in Kuala Lumpur in October
Now you can't go to India without seeing the Taj Mahal
Tim and Lois at the Taj Mahal in October
Tim and Lois visit Chris at the Athletes' Village in Delhi at the Commonwealth Games in October
October in Singapore - Tim, David, Sasha and Lois
You just can't sit down around here without the cats getting in on the act
Ask Lois!
Tim's 60th birthday - Paul, Chris, Rachel, Tim, Dave, Lois, Bev, Jill, Matt and Greg (Neil on camera duty)
Ahh...a Penfolds Grange - what better way to end the day
Matt playing at the 2010 Melbourne Fringe Festival

Matt playing jazz at the 2010 Melbourne Fringe Festival

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