Oh no, Christmas already! Where has the year gone this time around. To all our many friends scattered far and wide, we wish you a Christmas filled with joy and wonder and peace. Our thoughts are with you now as always.

And yes, some things never change - we have had our usual busy year - you can read the finer details in our Christmas letter:  Our Christmas Letter

And now onto the usual annual collection of photos.

1993 Kinder portrait
What does that tee shirt say
A portrait of the 4 boys taken at St Linus Kinder in August 1993. They look so innocent!
Just what does that darn tee shirt say! February 2012 in Canberra
December 15 Matt's birthbay bash Feb 2012 - Olly on the move
And the boys now, taken at Matt's birthday bash at the Victoria Pub in Brunswick, Saturday Dec 15. Yes, they still look the same to us. February 2012 in Canberra - Olly on the move!
tim with harrison sue and tom get engaged
April 2012 - Tim with Harrison Ryan - yet another addition to the extended family - to Danni (Lois's niece) and Heath May 2012 - a big family moment when Tim's neice Sue gets engaged to Tom in Darwin
darwin ericksons two headed cat?
May 2012 - the Darwin clan - Tom, Diane, Terry, Sue and Erick (Tom Erickson missing - gainfully employed at Uni in Brisbane) Tim with the famous Erickson two headed cat
dave does the tuff mudder
tim on duty
April 2012 - Dave does the Tough Mudder at Phillip Island - an event not for the faint hearted - see Tim on duty at the walkers club at Albert Park in May - a regular weekend activity to keep him out of mischief!
olly plays the piano
chris and olly make the paper
June 2012 - Olly plays the piano in Canberra - what a clever boy!
June 2012 - Chris and Olly make the Canberra Times newspaper on the occasion of Chris's Olympic team selection
lois is stockholm
lois annette and marianne
July 2012 - a day out in Stockholm
July 2012 - out for a Swedish walk - Marianne, Annette and Lois
dinner in style lois and marianne in sweden
July 2012 - sharing dinner at the Eriksson holiday house in Orrviken - Annette, Marianne, Lois and Hakan July 2012 - Lois and Marianne on the Swedish west coast - it's summer but the coats are still on
stryso hakan stefan and marianne
tim at work
July 2012 - on the island of Stryso - no cars allowed so Hakan gets a lift from Stefan while Marianne applauds the sight!
July 2012 in Sweden - what a backdrop! Tim's weekly walking newsletter stops for nothing - hard at work!
tim and lois with elsie
lois walks the burren in fanore
July 2012 - Tim and Lois with Elsie, daughter of Janet (Clarke) and David Flynn, in Bray, just outside Dublin
July 2012 - Lois walking in the Burren area of Fanore on the rugged west coast of Ireland
Carrucan family in Fanore
jill lois and sue on isle of wight
July 2012 - the Carrucans of Fanore. Tim and Lois with Tim's cousins Anna and Pasty in Fanore, Ireland, along with Patsy's mother Nancy
August 2012 - Lois with Jill Green and Sue Clements on the Isle of Wight
chris in the olympic 20km chris and oll at london zoo
Why we went to Europe - Chris walking in the Olympic 20km event on Saturday 4th August 2012 in London August 6th - Chris and Olly at London Zoo - celebrating Olly's first birthday - he was more interested in the pigeons than the zoo animals!
out and about
lois and beryl
Out and about on the day of the Olympic 20km - Tim and Dave with friends Chris and Bill Lawrence and Emmanuel Tardi
Lois with Beryl in Maidstone, just outside London - they taught together in London in the seventies.
olly first birthday bash lois and peter
Matt's first birthday dinner in London - Rachel, Chris, Olly, Peter Ryan, Dave, Tim and Lois
We stayed with Fiona and Peter at Woking during our London sojourn. Lois and Peter relax over breakfast in the back yard - what a life!
lois and tim
box hill
We stayed with Fiona and Peter at Woking during our London sojourn. Lois and Tim relax over breakfast in the back yard - what a life! The Olympic road cycle race did laps of the Box Hill hill. Tim, Fiona, Lois and Peter check out the course and the view from the top
lunch in the park
team erickson
August 11th - In the parklands after watching the Olympic 50km event - Tim, Chris and Lois
August 11th - Team Erickson in the stands watching the Olympic 50km event
Tim and Olly
Closing ceremony
August 11th - Team Ericksons chat with Olly Flynn, the gold medallist from the 1978 Commonwealth Games (when Tim took bronze). Grrr.....
The Olympic Closing Ceremony - walkers Jared and Claire Tallent, Beki Lee, Regan Lamble and Chris with walks coach Brent Vallance
Olly's first birthday again at home
paul and olly
We celebrated Olly's first birthday again once we all got home to Pascoe Vale. Here he admires Lois's first birthday cake - an Aussie Rules Football theme!
Paul and Olly discuss the finer points of Aussie Rules football at Olly's birthday  bash
Canberra Olympic Parade
tim with stan and shiela
Chris with Olly at the Canberra Olympic Parade in late August
Tim with old friends Shiela and Stan Malbut in Adelaide in late August - just back home and off interstate already!
the boys
paul and olly
Matt, Olly, Chris, Tim and Paul at Pascoe Vale in November
Paul and Olly discussing the responsible consumption of alcohol, November 26th at Pascoe Vale
matt at meredith
matt's birthday
Matt at the Merideth Music Festival in mid December
The boys together for Matt's birthday - at the Victoria Hotel in Brunswick on 15th December
boys will be boys
our house
Boys will be boys!
December 16th - our house with the jacaranda tree in full bloom

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