Wow, the year has flown as always and it's time for our Christmas website once again. This gives us a chance to think of our many friends and family and shout out our Christmas hello. It is also our chance to prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ, the true reason for this Christmas holiday period.

And yes, some things never change - we have had our usual busy year - you can read the finer details in our Christmas letter:  Our Christmas Letter

And now onto the usual annual collection of photos.

Christmas 1993
Boys night out
Christmas 1993
And the boys now - taken in September 2016 when on a night out. Can you match them to the 1993 photo?
Twelve Apostles
December 2016 - a selection of great nephews and great nieces - Akasha, Harrison, Taylor, Malika,Ella, Charlie, Emmerson, Annie and Olly
January 2016 - Tim and Peter Ryan at the 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road
Paul and Chris in Canberra
Tim and Friend
January 2016 - Chris was in Canberra for some walk training and caught up with Paul at the AIS.
January 2016 - Tim is always on the lookout for a new gnome for the garden but this is a super-gnome!
Annie in Ocean Grove Olly at Ocean Grove
March 2016 - One of our joys is looking after Olly and Annie. Here Annie and Tigger at the playground in Ocean Grove
March 2016 - Olly also gets into photo mode at the Ocean Grove playground
Annie's birtheay
Jared Gold Medal Presentation
April 2016 - Annie celebrates her third birthday with a crocodile cake!
June 2016 - Jared Tallent finally gets his 2012 Olympic gold medal and Annie and Olly get in the photo with the Olympic walkers - Regan Lamble, Chris, Quentin Rew, Jared and Claire, coach Brent Vallance, Alana Barber and Rachel Tallent
Amazon 1
Amazon 2
August 2016 - Tim and Lois in the deepest Amazon with the others in their tour group. It was hot!
August 2016 - Well, it wasn't all dust and bites - we stayed in the EcoAmazonia Lodge
Machu Pichu 1
Machu Pichu 2
August 2016 - Finally at Machu Picchu and here's the photo to prove it. An absolutely perfect day with sunny warm conditions.
August 2016 - Looking down on Machu Picchu from the Sun Gate - a long climb but worth it for the view.
Tim and Lois 1
Tim and Lois 2
August 2016 - We did lots of tours while in Lima - this one was to one of the main shanty towns. A kindergarten / daycare facility being built from donated funds
August 2016 - And still in the shanty town. Incredibly steep and dry desert terrain with no greenery to be seen anywhere.
Tim and Lois 3
Paddington Bear
August 2016 - We toured an ancient acheological site west of Lima. Desert as far as the eye can see, except for bits of greenery around any streams flowing from the Andes to the ocean. Lima receives an average of 6.4 mm (0.3 in) of rainfall per year and is precariously situated in a lunar landscape of dusty dunes.
August 2016 - Ok, we all know that Paddington Bear comes from the deepest darkest Amazon in Peru. So it was only fitting that we found a Paddington statue on the oceanside in Lima, presented to the city by the British Consulate.
Rio Olympic Stadium
August 2016 - We saw little inconsequential caymans in the Amazon but to see the real thing, we had to wait until we were staying in Pontal in Rio. This photo was of a polluted and dirty creek winding its way towards a swampland near our airBNB. And it had plenty of BIG caymans!
August 2016 - A disappointing Games on many fronts, with venues mostly empty, huge traffic congestion, general apathy from the locals, lack of any English speaking help, etc. This photo, taken in the main stadium on one of the T&F nights, shows about 12,000 spectators in a 60,000 seat arena.
Tim Lois Bev Greg
Copacobana Palace Hotel
August 2016 - Our travelling partners in Rio were Lois's sister Bev and husband Greg. Here we all are barracking on the men's 20km walk day at Pontal.
August 2016 - No, we didn't stay at the Copacobana Palace Hotel but a couple of our day tours started from there - at least we could pretend!
Rio Botanical Gardens
Christ the Redeemer
August 2016 - We did a tour of the Rio Botanical Gardens and saw this fantastic pic of Christ the Redeemer in the background
August 2016 - And here we are at Christ the Redeemer a few days later. Huge and so many tourists that it was nearly impossible to move
Tim and Lois and Chris
August 2016 - Well, we did actually make the trip to wave the flag for Chris so we thought we had better catch up at some time. Here we all are at 'The Edge', the meeting place organised by the AOC. A chance for lunch and a good catchup in airconditioned coolness.
August 2016 - Rio is certainly a spectacular place. The view from the top of Sugarloaf.
Copacobana Beach
Chris racing
August 2016 - You've come to Copacobana Beach but you forgot your togs. No problems, just buy a pair from the many sellers roaming the area.
20th August 2016 - Finally it's time for Chris to race and here he is in action in the 50km racewalk. It was held on the hottest morning of the Games and on a course which had no shade. So everyone was pretty sunburnt at the end. But it did not seem to worry Chris who had a superb race.
Chris 50km Race Day
20th August 2016 - Now that's nice to see - 10th place up on the finish board. Superb effort Chris!
20th August 2016 - And here he is after the 50km is done and dusted - any looking none the worse for the effort. Here with the support crew of Greg, Bev, Lois and Tim
Terry Erickson
Olly and Annie
October 2016 - Out latest great nephew, Terry McCrie Erickson of Darwin. Congrats to our niece Sue and husband Tom!
October 2016 - Olly and Annie look fantastic. Do we see a new career as vets here!
Chris and Rachel
Kahlia and Mike
October 2016 - Chris and Rachel in party mode
October 2016 - great niece Kahlia marries James in Albany, WA. Here is Kahlia with her granddad Mike (Tim's brother)

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