Once Were Walkers

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Once Were Walkers

Love it or hate it, you can't ignore it. Racewalking is perhaps the most controversial of all Olympic disciplines and is a sporting event that regularly provokes spirited attacks from media and armchair sportsmen.

This book is not written for those people. Rather, it is written for all those devotees of the sport who have a real understanding of this athletic endeavour and years of sacrifice needed to attain real proficiency.

From William Murray in 1912 to Nathan Deakes in 2005, Victoria continues to be the walking powerhouse in Australia. Over 40 Victorian based walkers have represented Australia in the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games and other major international competitions.

This is the story of these elite sportmen and sportswomen. It is also the story of Australian racewalking which is, at the time of writing, our most successful Track and Field event. Walking provided the only two individual Track and Field medals awarded to Australia in the 2004 Olympic Games. Nearly one quarter of the Australian team to go to the 2005 IAAF World Championships will be walkers.

Like I said, love it or hate it, you can't ignore it! 

Tim Erickson
Saturday 16 July 2005


Highlights include

* 196 pages
* 80 photographs
* 43 biographies
* enough statistics to dazzle even the most devoted statistician
* controversies and little known facts
* a bargain price of only $15 ($20 pp Australia)


The book features profiles of the following Victorian based walkers who each represented his/her chosen country at the highest levels of international competition.

William Murray                          
George Knott   
Don Keane   
Ted Allsopp       
Norm Read   
Ray Smith   
Noel Freeman   
Bob Gardiner       
Ross Haywood   
Willi Sawall       
Tim Erickson   
David Smith       
Lorraine Jachno (Young)   
Sue Cook (Orr)       
Sally Pierson   
John Sheard       
Michael Harvey  
Bill Dyer       
Harry Summers   
Andrew Jachno       
Anne Miller   
Frances Toohey
Roseanne Smith   
Simon Baker       
Duncan Knox   
Paul Van Kopplen (Copeland)       
Craig Brill   
Gabrielle Blythe       
Mark Donahoo   
Mark Dosseter
Steve Beecroft   
Sharon Schnyder   
Kevin Lowden   
Dion Russell   
Duane Cousins   
Dominic McGrath   
Wendy Muldoon   
Mark Thomas   
Nathan Deakes   
Simone Wolowiec   
Jared Tallent  
Frank Bertei   
Chris Erickson

As an example of the sort of material in the book, here is the chapter on Ray Smith, 1956 Olympian -> RaySmith1956.pdf

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