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Brother Andrew
(Missionary Brothers of Calcutta)
Melbourne, VIC Australia

Br Andrew
A most humble man, without any pretensions, Br Andrew was ordained as a Jesuit but chose to follow in the work of Mother Teresa of Calcutta by founding and leading the Missionary Brothers of Calcutta from whch he retired in the 80's to concentrate on travelling throughout Australia to proclaim the Gospel of God's merciful love of the 'triers' and the down-and-outs' and the call of a Christian to unconditionally open his heart to his fellow man. His life exemplifies one of poverty, compassion and simplicity, and the appeal and richness of his personal anecdotes and wisdom demonstrate his commitment to a loving God.
Prepare for a God of Surprises//Sources of Meditation 890116-02
The Lord is Gathering His Community//Baptism in the Spirit 890117-02
The Woman at the Well//Anger & How to Deal with It 890118-01
How to Discern God's Will//When There Is Nothing.... 890118-04
The Lord Listens to the Cry of the Poor//The Kingdom is for the Derelicts 890119-02
Simplicity is the Joy of Poverty//Suffering Seen through the Eyes of Faith 890120-01
Loving Mother Church//"Peter, Do You Love Me?" 890120-04
You Cannot Grow unless You Shed your Dead, Constricting Outer Skin 890121-02
Our Littleness is What Opens God's Heart 910531-00
Jesus Meets Us at Our Low Points 910601-01
The Honour of Chastity in Youth (Homily) 910601-02
Release Yourself from Negative Anger 910601-03
Jesus Accepts Us Just as We Are 910601-04
Being People of the Resurrection 910602-01
We All Have a Need to Read Our Own Story 910603-00
God Calls Us to Respond to His Love 910604-01
Jesus Frees Us from Wearing Masks 910604-03
Our Wounds Qualify Us for God's Love 910604-04
When All Hope Seems Lost .... 910605-01
The Enduring Heart of the Church 910605-04
The Accountability Question that Jesus Will Always Ask Us 910606-01
Nothing is Too Small to Receive Love (homily) 910606-02E
Pentecost Retreat : #1. Our Spirit Finds Its Rest Only with God 920605-00
Pentecost Retreat : #2. The Lord Calls- "Come as You Are" 910606-01
Pentecost Retreat : #3. The Heart of Our Faith is a Love Story 910606-02
Pentecost Retreat : #4. Church- Meeting Place of the Human & the Divine 910606-03
Pentecost Retreat : #5. Healing Comes through the Voices of the Spirit 910606-04E
Pentecost Retreat : #6. anger, Freedom & Peace of the Spirit 910607-01
Pentecost Retreat : #7. The Way to Freedom is through Forgiveness 910607-02
Fr Dario Betancourt

Fr Dario Betancourt
When Fr Dario travelled alone to Australia for his first and only visit, he was subjected to a degrading, full body 'cavity' search by the Australian Customs officials because his country of origin was Columbia, then a drug 'paradise'. Devastated by what he felt was an unnecessarily degrading treatment of a priest, he found it impossible to fulfill his final venue booking and suddenly flew home to his community. Yet he left excellent teachings that give an indication of how much more he might have offered the full-house crowds that came to hear him. They continue to be a reference to those in ministry. His step-by-step explanation of the liturgy of the Mass is unique and regarded as a 'classic'.
Those who Believe Will be Healed 910209-01
Jesus Came to Heal and to Empower 910209-02
Suffering is Always with Us 910210-01
One Must Trace the Cause to Heal the Wound 910210-02
Healing using the 'Bath of Light' Method 910210-03
Everything about Every Mass is About Healing 910211-00
Fr Dean Braun MSG

Fr Dean Braun
This speaker bares his soul to his audience as he attempts to explain the love of God that has consoled and carried him through a most draining, and sometimes, disturbing journey of his encounters with the figures of security and/or authority that we all meet at the many stages of our lives- 'friends', bullies, parents, teachers, collegaues, priests, bishops... etc. the titles of his tapes voice the challenges and situations faced, but through it all, Fr Dean shows how peace can ultimately be found. He has found great appeal in the Gospel Business Fellowship as well as in the wider Christian churches here in Australia and has been guest speaker at world pentacostal & charismatic conferences. Although domiciled in the USA, in the late 80's he became a member of the Misionaries of God's Love, a priest formation community based in Canberra, Australia.
I am a Witness to God's Love 860702-00
Forgiveness will Set Your Heart Free 900331-01
Healing Comes through Having a Loving Heart 900331-02
Walk through the 'Sticky Steps' with Jesus 900406-00
The Wounds, the Cause, The Forgiveness 900418-00
A Relationship with God is of the Heart 900420-00
God's Answer to Sin is Forgiveness 900421-01
If You Love Them then God Will Lift Them 900421-02
Jesus Requires Total Surrender 900422-01
'Go and Find God in Those You Meet!' 900422-02
'Lord, Forgive Us as We Forgive Others?' 900609-01
Jesus Promised that We Would Live 900609-03
Radical Discipleship//HE Causes My Heart to Sing911012-02
Love, Unity & Discipleship 911026-01
Building Community through Love & Forgiveness 911026-02
Fr Pat Collins CM
All Hallows, Dublin Eire

Fr Pat Collins
Fr Pat resides at All Hallows College, Dublin and in demand for speaking on the compassion of God Given at an annual Diocesan Retreat for Priests at St Patricks, Manly, these talks are very moving & overflowing with Fr Pat's life experiences of a personal God. Most affirming & meditational, they are great for personal retreats
Being a Priest in a Time of Rapid Change940117-01
God's Word Gives You the Power940117-02
Desires Are the Birthplaces of Blessings940117-03
How God Evokes Our Desires940118-01
Desire to be Seized by the Holy Spirit940118-02
True Desires, and Obstacles to Their Discernment940118-03
Have You Experienced the Love of God?940119-01
Courage! Your Battles are the Lord's940119-02
We Find our True Selves Only in Christ940119-03
Compassion is the True Face of Christ940120-01
Living for Love- "For the Kingdom, the Power..."940120-02
Compassion and Inner Healing940120-03
God's Mercy is for Those Who Forgive940120-04
Compassion is Primary to Physical Healing940121-00
Fr Robert DeGrandis SSJ
St Louis, Missouri USA
Fr Robert DeGrandis SSJ
A prominent member of the Association of Christian Therapists, Fr Robert is best known for his authoritive teachings on the Gifts of the Spirit and advocating their use for all Christians especially in praying for healing, which was a key component of Christ's ministry on earth.
Accessing the Gift of Prophecy 910104-03
Prophecy- God Communicating to Us 910104-04
Being Bearers of the Fruit of the Spirit (John 15) 910105-01
Principle Considerations of Healing Ministry 910105-03
Physical Healing- the 'Limb Adjustment' method 910105-04
The Principles of Inner Healing 910106-01
Inner Healing- the 'Staircase of Your Life' method 910106-03
Inner Healing- Spiritual Warfare methods 910106-04
Intergenerational Healing- the Family Tree 910107-01
Healing a Life of Chastity and Poverty 910108-02
Healing a Life Committed to Obedience 910108-03
Growing in Prayer C9601A
How to Pray for Miracles C9607F
Fr Vincent Doyle
Lismore Diocese NSW Australia

Fr Vincent Doyle

A quiet spoken, gentle priest with much experience in spiritual warfare, Fr Vince has been a reputable and authoritive reference on healing, deliverence and Charismatic Renewal in Australia almost as far back as the mid 60's. The liaison priest to the CCR in his Diocese, he has often teamed with Valerie Housego (nee- Armstrong) to conduct retreats that address intergenerational & ancestral healing, meditative prayer and spiritual warfare. In recent years, he has been committed to conducting local and overseas Marian-oriented seminars/workshops on intercessory prayer and been a founding member of the Immaculate Heart of Mary group
Retreat #1. Jesus Received the Blessing of the Father's Love 970523-00
Retreat #2. "Jesus, My Son, the Beloved" 970524-01
Retreat #3. Jesus and Mary- the Incarnation Mystery 970524-02
Retreat #4. Prayer for Healing of Relationships with God & Parents 970524-03
Retreat ## Prayer for Healing in the Womb & Prayer/Song of Unity
('Mary Help of Christians' Mass)
Retreat #5. Prayer Aids, Assurances & Blessings for Our Journey
Retreat #6. Ways God Provides to Help Us Achieve Holiness
Dealing with Suffering Strengthen Christian Life 951014-02
The Ministry of Inner Healing 921010-06
A Practical Introduction to Spiritual Warfare 921010-21
Inner Healing Retreat #1.Contemplative Prayer & Healing of Memories
Inner Healing Retreat #2.Praying for Healing in the Womb
Inner Healing Retreat #3.Praying for Healing while 'at the Breast' 930911-02
Inner Healing Retreat #4.Prayimg for Healing of the Primary Years 930911-03
Inner Healing Retreat #5.Praying for Healing (Mature) Relationships 930912-01
Fr Michael Fallon MSC
Henley Beach, SA Australia

Fr Michael Fallon MSC

An author of books that intimately and reflectively focus on events of the New Testament, Fr Michael, as a well-versed scripture scholar, has the gift to convey his audience into the culture and atmosphere of the time. The listener cannot help experiencing the situations, feelings and reactions of its people. His seminars are a stimulating aid to prayer.
Reading Scripture in the Spirit 890310-02
The Catholic Nature of Christianity 890311-01
Consecration & the Ministry of the Laity 890311-02
Sharing in the Pristhood of Christ 890312-01
Mary- Model of Consecration and Mission 890312-02
Witnessing with Mary as our Advisor 890716-02
Healing and Faith 900608-00
Blockages are the Lessons of Love 900609-04
Hope is Essential on the Healing Journey 900609-05
Obedience is Listening Receptively 900609-06
Prayer is a Longing for 'He Who is Absent' 900610-01
Seeking Healing Requires a State of True Openness900610-02
Religion and Scripture- the Full Meaning of these Terms 910914-01
The Culture of the Authors of Scripture 910914-02
An Approach to Studying Scripture (esp. the NT) 910914-03
Introduction to Studying the Gospel of Luke 910914-04
The Early Ministry of Jesus & Its Cultural Context910915-01
Exploring the Feeding of the Multitudes & the Parables 910915-02
A Meditative Focus on the Crucifixion 910915-03
God Does NOT Take Back His Gifts or Revoke His Love (Homily) 951104-01
Relationships Express a Transcendence of Universal Attraction (Homily) 951105-04
Fr Larry Faraon OP
Manilla, the Philippines

Fr Larry's teaching style is humorous and witty, yet geared for the simple believer who needs to boost his faith and find the energy to keep going while the rest of the world around him regards him as an oddity. An experienced evangelist working from the Santo Domingo Convent Dominican Community, his home base in the Philippines, Fr Larry is Coordinator to the Philippine Catholic Charismatic Renewal, an Elder of The Lord's Flock Charismatic Ministry and spiritual director to Jesus the Healer Charismatic Community of Bossley Park, Sydney, Australia which he regularly visits. He broadcasts over Radio ZNN Veritas and DWIZ in Manilla and writes regular articles to the Manilla Standard.
Youth Outreach: The Experience of the Spirit in Your Life 930929-01
Youth Outreach: Reject Satan & Open Yourself to God's Gifts930930-03
Youth Outreach: Living the New/Renewed Life 930930-05
Youth Outreach: The personal Testimony of 12 Youths930929-01
Be Renewed- Reject Satan & Embrace the Lord 931008-00
In Renewal, God Feeds His Lambs 931009-01
Forgiveness is an Essential Step to Healing 931009-14
Living the Renewal- Feeding the Sheep 931010-01
Living the Renewal- the Need for One Another 931010-06
Be Healed through Seeking Healing for Others 961016-00
Fr Robert Faricy SJ
Gregorian University, Rome

Fr Robert Faricy SJ

Fr Robert is a popular, 'no-nonsense' speaker & retreat master, most authoritive on gifts of faith, prayer & healing. He ascribes his conversion from drink, gambling & womanising to the influence of the Virgin Mary, who gets a special mention in his presentations. Sprinkled with humour, his talks are most affirming. He has put much effort into stimulating a renewal of the spiritual lives of those in the priesthood and in the religious communities and addresses this issue in a number of the tapes listed.

The Ministry of Deliverence 860904-01
The Ministry of Discernment 860904-02
The Gift of Chastity//The Gift of Hope 860905-01
The Gift of Mary- Mother of Hope & Contemplation860905-03
To Whom Shall We Go ?? 860905-04
The Call to Repentence 870105-01
Forgiveness- Key to a Relationship with God 870105-02
Where is Love Missing from Your Life ? 891231-01
Pacing through Prayer for Inner Healing 891231-03
Jesus is Calling You to Him 900101-01
Inner Healing in the Consecrated Life 900101-03
Praying for the Release of the Holy Spirit 900101-04
Living the Vows of Poverty, Chastity & Obedience900102-01
The Spiritual Gifts & their Charisms 900102-03
Forms of Contemplative Prayer 900103-01
Seeking & Using the Gift of Discernment (ICor12)900103-02
THe Gift of Praise- its Purpose & Practice 900103-04
Reflecting on Jesus on the Cross (John's Gospel)900104-01
Carrying Your Cross with Jesus 900104-03
Resurrection Means Beginning Anew 900105-01
Building a Matrix for the Future 900105-02
The Seven Last Words of Jesus 930102-03
#A. Marian Apparitions- Implications for Our Times
#B. Inner Healing (Prayer Service)
Gifts of Forgiveness, Prayer, Praise & Tongues 970125-01
Gifts of Love, Grace, Charism & Discernment 970125-02
Gifts of Intercession, Prophecy, Knowledge & Wisdom970125-03
Fr Greg Ferguson SM
Catholic Adult Education,
Diocese of Parramatta

Fr Greg Ferguson SM
Addressing the shortcomings in the practice of the Christian faith, Fr Greg is active in parish ministry as well as Catholic Charismatic Renewal. He is not afraid to challenge the apparent unwillingness of the claimed followers of Christ to truly live the Gospel in heart in the public 'marketplace' and not just by lip service and apparent 'good works' in friendly gathering. He has a great concern for the mending of strained relationships between various Christian Churches
Born to Love- on being a Disciple 950710-01
Healing in the Church Communities 950710-03
Knowing Christ 950714-00
The Poverty of Christ 950715-04
The Prayer of Christ 950715-05
The Passion & Resurrection of Christ 950715-06
Fanning the Flame Lit by Christ 950715-07
Inner Healing through Christ 950716-04
The Challenge of Jesus- being Roused to the Truth 951209-02
Do We just 'Fit God IN' or is He Our Focus? 951209-03
Meditative Preparation to Minister Healing Prayer 960328-01
Believing in Jesus 961122-00
Listening to Jesus- Good Spirits/Bad Spirits/Discernment 961123-01
Praying in Jesus 961123-02
Seeking first, the Kingdom- The sower, the weeds 961123-03
Being Empowered People- Praying for/with Others 961124-01
Coming to Know the King & the Kingdom 961124-02
Characteristics & Mission of the Catholic Lay Person 961214-02
The Poison that Comes from the Wagging Tongue (Homily) 980613-04
The Charismatic Gifts are for Application not Admiration 980625-01
If We are Not Yeast in the Body, then We are Nothing 980625-02
Fr Paul Glynn SM
Marist Centre, Hunters Hill NSW
A Marist priest since 1955, Fr Paul was inspired to commit himself to a mission of reconciliation with the Japanese people, the defeated of World War II, spending 21 years there at Marist Missions. Back in Australia, where he was Chaplain at St Joseph's Boarding College, Hunters Hill, and subsequently an active retreat Master, he still fits in extended visits particularly at Nara and Kyoto. He only speaks about himself as introduction, tending to doggedly focus on the needs of others be they spiritual or material, be it local families or those of the deprived Third World. He directs the profits from his many books 'Hearers of Silent Music' (on personal prayer), 'Thank you, Brother Fire' (on dealing with suffering), 'Psalms- Songs for the Way Home', 'A Song of Nagasaki' (the extraordinary witness of Dr Nagai), 'The Smile of the Ragpicker' (a carer of destitute children that sift garbage) and his latest 'Healing Fire from Frozen Earth' (stories of miraculous healings and conversions), to provide the financial assistance for such people. His appeal is in humility, simplicity and faithfulness, assisted by the gift of rapidly absorbing the culture of his audience- speaking its language and committing himself to its needs. In 1973 Fr Paul founded the 'Mary of Pentecost' Charismatic prayer community in the heart of the Marist Seminary complex at Hunters Hill, Sydney which, at its peak, was drawing up to 250 each Friday night' and was the source of many leaders of the wider parish prayer groups that subsequently sprang up throughout NSW. With this absorption of its members into the broader community and thereby, draining its ranks, 'Mary of Pentecost' ceased to operate in 1983.
Takashi-Nagai: An Inspiring Survivor of the Nagasaki A-Bomb 880906-03
'Prayer' Retreat #1. Jesus was a Man of Prayer890428-00
'Prayer' Retreat #2. Finding a Time and a Place to Pray890429-01
'Prayer' Retreat #3. The Holy Spirit Moves in Prayer890429-02
'Prayer' Retreat #4. Praying Requires Removal of Your Masks890429-03
'Prayer' Retreat #5. How to Pray the Psalms890430-02
'Prayer' Retreat #6. 'I Shall Make My Home in You'890430-03
'A Song for Nagasaki'- biography of Takashi Nagai 891007-01
The Laity is a Priesthood 891007-02
Through the Mass, Jesus Brings Peace to Our Brokenness (homily) 891007-03
'One in Jubilee, One in Prayer' #1. Spending Time to Pray as Jesus 000609-00
'One in Jubilee, One in Prayer' #2. The Art of Praying Alone to the Father 000610-01
'One in Jubilee, One in Prayer' #3. Called to Experience the Abba of Jesus 000610-02
'One in Jubilee, One in Prayer' #4. Healing- through Prayer, Forgiveness & the Sacraments 000610-03
'One in Jubilee, One in Prayer' #5. Great Miracles Come from the Gift of Acceptance 000610-04
'One in Jubilee, One in Prayer' #6. Stories of Great Healings & Conversions 000611-01
'One in Jubilee, One in Prayer' #7. How Mary is Seen to Fit into a Christian's Life 000611-02
Bishop Joe Grech
Diocese of Sandhurst, Victoria, Australia
Bishop Joe Grech
Fr Joe Grech was elevated to Bishop in January 1999 by Archbishop of Melbourne, George Pell, after serving for many years as much loved chaplain to the Italian Community in Melbourne and, following his embrace of the Charismatic Renewal, proving a most dynamic speaker who provoked his listeners into being much more than lip-serving Sunday Christians. He had served in the capacity of state, and then, national chaplain to the CCR in Australia for many years, his tireless evangelisation efforts bringing the growing 'School of Evangelisation' program to fullness under his guiding hand. His presentations are very personal, from the heart and to the heart, full of affirmation to those who need it and yet, passionately pleading for a return to the spirit of the teachings of Jesus: a love of a loving father- 'Abba'. Bishop Joe passed away in 2010 from a lifelong blood condition, a great loss to active mission efforts to Australian communities.
You Cannot Preach about a Jesus that You do not Know Personally 950826-00
Jacob the Deceiver- A Journey to Reconciliation 950925-02
Without Gifts of the Spirit, Christian Ministry is Impossible 950926-03
'I Will Never Forget You My People'
'Even Now, this Prophecy is Being Fulfilled'
The Gift of Praise- its Source, Power & Necessity 950927-03
Prophecy- the Spiritual Gift that Builds Church 950928-03
The Gift of Knowing that God Loves Me Unceasingly 950929-03
Where Shall You Spend Eternity ? 960209-03
The Call to Do the Impossible 960210-07
The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament 980626-00
The Holy Spirit in the New Testament 980627-01
What Does the Holy Spirit Do ?? 980627-02
The Holy Spirit Develops Our Relationship with 'Abba" 980627-03
We Are Safe with the Shepherd (extended homily) 980627-04
Where is the Holy Spirit Leading Us in this Day ? 980628-00
Fr Gino Henriques CSsR
Evangelisation 2000 Office
Manilla, The Philippines

Fr Gino Henriques
Fr Gino was Director of the 'Evangelisation 2000' program for the Oceania Region. As he often teams up with Mrs Jan Heath (Brisbane Qld) in outreach activities, she is incorporated in his 'Evangelisation Workshop' series of recordings.
Living Day by Day 920112-00
Knowing Jesus 920113-01
Meeting & Dealing with Temptations 920113-02
The Ministry of the Priesthood 920114-01
The Priest is Compelled to Mission 920115-01
The Challenges of Evangelising Effectively 920115-02
Evangeliation 2000 & Lumen 2000 920116-01
The Spirituality of the Charismatic Renewal 920116-02
Serving the Eucharist-the Life of the Priest 920117-01
Vision Will Renew the Church 940109-00
Repentance is Not Just Giving Up Sin 940110-02
Become a Great Lover of Abba Father 940111-01
Living/Acknowledging the Lordship of Jesus 940111-02
The Spirit Among Us- in Biblical Times and Now 940112-01
"Speak Lord, Your Servant is Listening"//Evangelising by Reaching Out 940112-03
Evangelising through Sacramental Ministry 940113-02
We are Called to Evangelise Everyone We Meet 940114-01
Evangelisation Workshop #1. The Great Commission or the Great Omission?961023-01
Evangelisation Workshop #2. Being a Disciple of the Master 961023-02
Evangelisation Workshop #3. The Personal Call into Discipleship (Jan Heath) 961023-03
Evangelisation Workshop #4. The Process... What a Disciple Does 961023-04
Evangelisation Workshop #5. Commitment to Jesus is Essential (Jan Heath) 961023-05
Evangelisation Workshop #6. The Spirituality of an Effective Evangelist 961024-02
Evangelisation Workshop #7. Evangelising Active and Inactive Catholics
Evangelisation Workshop #8. Evangelising the "Unchurched" Persons
Evangelisation Workshop #9. Strategies/Planning for Doorknock Evangelisation 961025-01
Evangelisation Workshop #10. Draw on the Word, the Sacraments & Healing 961026-01
Evangelisation Workshop #11. Evangelising through Bible Study Groups
Evangelisation Workshop #12. OIKOS- Reaching Family Members (Jan Heath)
Evangelisation Workshop #13. A Vision towards 2000 (Jan Heath)
Evangelisation Workshop #14. Preparing for the Third Millennium
Fr Yohannes Indrakasuma

Fr Yohannes Indrakasuma O.Carm.

Invited to Australia as keynote speaker for a number of Australian Conferences on the Holy Spirit, Fr. Yohannes has proved to be a moving and authoritative speaker, with particular strengths in prayer for inner/psychological healing and in deliverence ministry.
God's Love Renews Everything 921009-00
How to Live as a Christian 921010-08
Experiencing the Healing Touch of Jesus 921010-23
Let Your Light Shine in the World 921011-01
Leaders' Workshop: Ministering in the World- What Does it Need? 921014-01
Leaders' Workshop: Ways of Praying for Physical Healing 921014-02
Leaders' Workshop: Deliverence- It May be Needed to Effect a Healing 921014-03
Leaders' Seminar: Deliverence Ministry- Discernment and Application 921016-00
Fr Richard McAlear OMI
Oblate Vocation Director
Washington USA

Fr Richard McAlear OMI

Fr Richard, a native of Boston MA, and the Vocational Director of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate in Washington, proved such a 'hit' as retreat master at an Annual Australian Charismatic Priests & Religious Retreat in 1998 that he was immediately booked for the big bi-millenial Conference to be held in Melbourne in January 2000 and many healing outreach activities since. A most perceptive visitor of the Israeli countryside and its history & culture, he showed his giftedness in translating the text of Scripture into genuine experiences of touching the sites and culture of the birthplace of the Catholic Faith, making it so real, and relating it so well to the fulfillment of prophetic word, that the listener cannot walk away poorer for listening to him.
Signs Manifested in My Spiritual Conversion (Testimony) 980104-02
The Cross- Mystery that Unites Us with Jesus 980105-01
The Need for a Second Blessing 980105-02
Purified in the Blood & Water of the New Temple 980105-03
Mary Tends to the Broken Body of the Church 980106-01
In the Steps of Joseph, Abba to Jesus 980107-01
Overcoming Conflict- The Lesson of Genesis 980107-02
The Deceit in Some Forms of Christian Modernism 980108-01
Deliverence- "Lord, if this is not of You, Cause Me to Flee" 980108-02
The Beloved Disciple, Symbol of the True Follower 980109-01
Seeking Healing in, and Renewal of, Religious Life 980109-03
Religious Life is a Calling to be a Bride of Christ 980110-01
Forgiveness of Sin is the Fundamental Healing 980116-01
Practical Point about Praying with Others for Healing 980116-02
Approaching the New Millenium- the Jubilee Year 980117-01
Gifts to the Church- Tongues, Discernment and Bonding 980117-02
Applying the Gift of Healing in the Church 980117-03
The Limit is NOT on Jesus's Power, but on the Depth of Our Desire (Eucharist) 980120-00
Empower Your Ministry- Be Anointed in the Spirit 980121-01
Don't Come to Communion; Come to Jesus (Eucharist) 980121-02
Of the Holy Spirit- Love (Knowing/Bonding), Truth & Power 980124-01
Discernment- Satan Cannot Assume Humility or Obedience 980124-02
Who is Jesus for You? (Homily) 000109-01
Christianity is a Relationship with Jesus 000109-02
Jubilee 2000- Celebrating the New Springtime 000110-01
Narrative Scripture Encapsulates the Gospel Message 000109-02
We Can Follow if We Accept God's Gift (Homily) 000110-03
Forgiveness is Where the 'Rubber Hits the Road' 000111-1/2
Expanding the Mystery of the Incarnation 000112-01
Experiencing the 'Dark Night' Brings Holiness 000112-02
Integrating Spirituality into Reality 000112-03
'Hi Dad! Its Me, Your Child!' 000113-01
Ministry Must Join the Recipient to Jesus 000114-01
Mary, the Link between Our Humanity and God 000114-02
'.....and from His Side Flowed Blood and Water' 000115-01
Sinners were Common among Jesus's Followers 000115-02
Jubilee 2000- Regaining and Savouring God's Graces 000201-01
Touch the Lord and be Assured of Healing (Homily) 000201-02
Become a Temple of the Holy Spirit- All Sins Forgiven 000201-03
Today, Jesus is Here, Alive with Us in Paradise (I) 031004-01
Today, Jesus is Here, Alive with Us in Paradise (II) 031004-02
Forgiveness is Love Made Real 031005-01
Fr Robert McGuire SJ
Plainview, New York USA

Fr Robert has been a priest for 50 years who was miraculously healed from throat cancer late in life. He is Spiritual Director of the Spirit of Life Centre, a healing ministry in New York, and has the gift of drawing the listener into the character of people who lived and walked with Jesus during his ministry on earth. Fr Bob stimulates one into experiencing the atmosphere, emotions and responses of those challenged by this simple Messiah whose story becomes our story if we choose to align it with the wish of a loving Father.
We are People with a Story- His Story
How do we know His Way?
My Yoke is Easy; the Burden Light
Healing the Child Within
Who Do You Say that I Am? (Fr Bob's Personal Testimony) 990112-01
Deliverence- a Healing Ministry
Jesus Can Deal Emotions
'Upper Rooming' the Church in the New Era
(A workshop with Australian priests)
Cry 'Hosanna' to the Lord
Seek Healing of the Family Tree
Ministering to the Child within Us
People of the Upper Room
Peter, Rock of Faithfulness & Reconciliation (Homily & Mass) 990114-03
Wait in Prayer
What the Charismatic Renewal Has Done in Your Life
Charisms of Our Religious Communities
Mother Teresa- Model of Surrender
Sr Briege McKenna OSC
(Tampa, Florida USA)
Fr Kevin Scallon CM
(All Hallows College, Dublin)

Fr Kevin Scallon CM & Sr Briege McKenna OSC

A remarkable team that rarely fails to convince the listener of the real presence of Christ in the world today. Their powerful witness points to the miraculous opening of doors and changing of hearts to effect the conversion and consolidate the faith of those desirous of believing in Him. In the last decades or so, Sr Briege & Fr Kevin have come to believe that their key mission is to affirm and minister to priests who they believe have unselfishly sacrificed their personal lives so that they can totally commit themselves to the salvation of man. Hence, in speaking to stressed, educated men their talks are strong but simple, challenging but humorous, filled with faith yet highly anecdotal to make it real to weary hearts.
Sinfulnes & Reconciliation 860106-05
The Lord Makes His Home in Your Tent 860106-06
Inner Healing 860107-01
Insights on Healing- Jesus is the Healer 860107-05
Being Channels for God's Healing
Bartimeus- Asking Jesus with Expectant Faith
The Pentecost Experience & Its Proclamation 860108-01
The Charismatic Experience & 'the Big Grace' 860108-05
Tongues a Love Gift of Prayer
Pray for Baptism in the Spirit- Expectantly
The Eucharist- Power for Renewal 860109-01
Having a Commitment to Personal Prayer 860109-02
Drawing on One's Feminine Side- Submission 860109-03
Supporting the Priesthood 860109-05
Prayer & Having a Commitment to Prayer 860110-01
Personal Conversion in the Spirit 860110-04
Meditations on Mary 860111-01
Serving in Tenderness 860111-02
The Miraculous Medal at Work in Brazil 860111-03
The Power & Messages of Mary 860111-04
The Greatest Lie that the World Tells to Youth 860126-01
Meeting the Lord in Holy Eucharist 860126-02
Fr Jim McManus CSsR
Redemptorist Superior General
Glasgow Scotland

Fr Jim McManus CSsR

Set in the environment of an annual National Charismatic Priest's Retreat in Sydney, Australia, the thrust of the talks recorded here is naturally towards a priestly audience, but that does not preclude its accessibility and suitability for other listeners. Far from it. Fr Jim's dissertations on Healing, Charismatic Renewal, Reconciliation, Spiritual Warfare and Pastoring are rich supplements for anyone involved in Christian ministry or trying to follow Christian principles.
God has Revealed Himself through Jesus
What is the Role of Priests?
Living By God's Word NOT by Ours 910114-02
Inner Healing (Service & Workshop)
The Inner Power of Our Faith
History of Healing Ministry in Catholic Church
Coming into Reconciliation (incl. Service)
What is this Charismatic Renewal? 910116-01
Ministering through Sacramental Reconciliation 910117-01
Spiritual Warfare & Deliverence Ministry 910117-02
A Focus on the Ministry of Pastoring 910118-01
#B- Trust in God to Empower Your Preaching
#C- Make Personal Witness to your Community
#D- Purpose of 'Final Anointing' is also to Heal
#E- The Virgin Mary and Priests
All Christians are Called to Evangelise (homily) 910118-03
Christ's Hopes for Each Person 910121-00
Fr John Melloh SM
University of Notre Dame, USA
The first four talks, initially aimed at priests, were organised by the Liturgy Education Team of the Parramatta Diocese to assist them in improving their ministry skills in the area of the Liturgy of the Word, an area which many former churchgoers point to as their cause of non-attendance, citing it as 'boring', 'irrelevant' and difficult to draw on for daily life. The latter talks present an update on changes to liturgical practices in conducting Catholic funerals.
Preaching #1. Know Your Audience, Your Message, Your Delivery 980715-01
Preaching #2. Study, Pray, Ponder, Order, Create 980105-02
Preaching #3. Create the Story, Scene, Sequence & Language980715-03
Preaching #4. Be Imaginative- the Widow of Nain (Lk 7.11-17)980715-04
Christian Funerals #1. Theological & Social Considerations980717-01
Christian Funerals #2. Practical Considerations- Family, Liturgy, Music980717-02
Fr Gerard Moore SM
Catholic Theological Institute,
Sydney NSW Australia
Fr Gerard Moore SM
Fr Gerard brings understanding, wonder & enthusiasm to the celebration and life of sacraments, liturgies and beliefs to those interested in the Catholic faith. His revelations of their historical foundations, development and purpose are re-assuring, and help one adapt to the changes flowing from the landmark Vatican II Council.
A Study of the Mass #1. The Gathering of the Community970213-00
A Study of the Mass #2. The Challenge of the Word970214-00
A Study of the Mass #3. The Great Prayer of Thanksgiving970217-00
A Study of the Mass #4. Communion, Blessing and Dismissal970218-00
Holy Spirit in the Assembly #1. The Spirit in the Scriptures980305-00
Holy Spirit in the Assembly #2. The Spirit in the Church980312-00
Holy Spirit in the Assembly #3. The Spirit in the Liturgy980326-03
Forgiveness of Sin #1. The Age of Repentance (A.D.60-600)990223-00
Forgiveness of Sin #2. The Age of Confession (A.D.600-1960)990223-00
Forgiveness of Sin #3. Reconciliation since Vatican II (A.D.1960- ...)990223-00
Mrs Kay Murdy
Hacienda Heights,
California USA

Mrs Kay Murdy
A master catechist for the Los Angeles Diocese where she helps coordinate a Catholic Bible Institute that trains leaders to conduct Scripture Programs in the Parish, Kay is a graduate of Biblical Studies at Orange Catechical Institute & Loyola Marymount University. She is a mother of four who also writes & lectures on Scripture, lectionary-based catechesis & women's spirituality.
Approaching God's Word Prayerfully 890421-00
The Church and Scripture (Part 1) 890422-01
The Church and Scripture (Part 2) 890422-02
How to Approach the Old Testament 890422-03
Reading the Old Testament 890422-04
How to Approach the New Testament 890423-01
Reading the New Testament 890423-02
The Gospel According to Luke 890426-00
Reflecting on the Walk to Emmaus 890427-01
The Epistles of St Paul 890427-02
The Book of Revelation- An overview 920714-01
Revelation ch 1- 4: The Churches, the Heavenly Vision 920714-02
Revelation ch 5-13: The Scrolls, Seals, Woman & Dragon 920715-01
Revelation ch14-22: Second Coming & Final Judgement 920715-02
A Reflection on the Lord's Prayer- Retracing the Exodus Journey 920716-00
Gospel of John: The Wedding at Cana- A Model for Discipleship960215-02
Gospel of John: The Woman at the Well- Thirsting for God 960216-01
Gospel of John: The Man Born Blind- the Light of the World 960219-01
Gospel of John: The Raising of Lazarus- I am the Resurrection960220-01
Exodus 1-11: Moses called to Lead God's People 980226-03
Exodus 12-18: God Delivers His People from Slavery 980227-00
Exodus 19-24: God Establishes the Covenant with His People 980302-00
Exodus 12-19: The Establishment of God's Tabernacle 980303-00
Fr Kevin O'Grady PP
Holy Spirit Parish, North Ryde NSW
Fr Kevin O'Grady PP
Initial impressions of Fr Kevin are that he is a rough diamond typifying the 'bronze Aussie' image and spirit that local media likes to portray to its readers. But beneath that tough exterior is a tenderness, generosity and enthusiasm at the service of those in need. His presentations are simple and generally address the outgoing love of God for a suffering people. Fr O'Grady shows memorable gems of insight that reassure and inspire those searching for truth and a way of dealing with practical dilemmas that frustrate one's ability to live as a Christian. His most appealing characteristics come out when he is talking about God as 'Abba' Father.
The Healing that Comes through Evangelisation 891202-00
How to Pray for People with Cancer 920319-00
Discerning God's Will 921010-04
Understanding the Healing of the Leper and God's Priorities921011-08
Praise Discerment and Tongues- Overview of these Gifts 921017-04
Healing of the Inner Person (workshop) 921119-00
Joseph, Abba to Jesus//God, Abba to Jesus (and Us)950725-01
Abba of the Prodigal Son//Intro 'Toronto' Blessing
'You are Treasure in Clay Pots'
Is Salvation by Law or by Faith and the Spirit 950726-01
Healing Prayer//How Jesus Dealt with Those Who Let Him Down950727-01
Come Holy Spirit- the Blessings & Gifts (2Cor13)970301-02
The Bible as a Charismatic Prayer 970302-01
"Do You Love Me More than These Others?" 970516-00
Word GIfts, Power Gifts & Gifts of the Spirit 970517-02
Let Forgiveness be the High Points of Your Journey to Jesus 970517-03
Being Reconciled into Your Father's Arms 970613-00
The Variety, Charisms & Fruits of the Gifts of the Spirit970614-02
An Opportunity to Forgive- Moment of Revenge or Hour of Victory? 970614-03
Praying with Scripture (Lk 13:10-17) 970615-01
Mary- Is She a Saint by Privilege or a Saint by Journey?980307-03
Fr Kenneth J Roberts
Florissant, Missippi USA

Fr Ken Roberts
Best known through his radio talkback shows in the USA and his autobiography, From Playboy to Priest', Fr Ken has the gift of responding to critics of Catholic faith and practices by drawing on simple logic, common sense and pointing to parallel practices/beliefs of other religious cultures, but in a spirit of conciliation. He has a special love for the youth of today, sponsoring the pilgrimage of many to holy sites or places of miracles, especially the active Marian shrines. He has been the inspiration for many vocations to the consecrated and religious life.
The Ministry of Fr. Ken (Testimony) 930110-00
"What is Truth ?" 930111-01
Faith, the Impossible and Miracles 930111-02
Follow the Shepherd NOT the Sheep 930112-01
Sin is Saying 'No !' to God 930112-02
The Mystery of Mary and the Immaculate Conception 930113-01
Responding to Critics of Mary and the Rosary 930113-02
The Remission of Sin- a Real Miracle 930113-04
The Eucharist in Scripture, Prophecy & Practice 930114-01
The Covenant of the Eucharist + The Sorrowful Rosary 930114-02
Humility, Self-worth and Hidden Victories 930114-04
The Resurrection + Going about Witnessing 930115-01
The Vital Role of the Priest in Youth Ministry 930115-02
What is Your Goal ? (incl. testimonies of 3 priests) 930115-04
"Proud to be Catholic" Series: The Pope // The Mass KR-202-A1
"Proud to be Catholic" Series:
What are You Doing with the Rest of Your Life?//What is the Real You?
"Proud to be Catholic" Series:
Sexual Responsibilities for Boys // Sexual Responsibilities for Girls
"Proud to be Catholic" Series: Love & Veneration of the Eucharist KR-426-A
"Proud to be Catholic" Series: Keeping the Faith KR-520-A
"Proud to be Catholic" Series: Medjugorje and the Holy Spirit KR-525-A1
"Proud to be Catholic" Series: "You'd Better Believe It !!" KR-534-A
Linda Schubert
San Jose, California USA

Linda Schubert
Victim of paternal sexual abuse, survivor of 3 marriages, a Catholic since 1977, founder of 'Miracles of the Heart' Ministry, author of books on prayer, forgiveness & healing, Linda builds on her testimony to exemplify the love, sensitivity & compassion of an interested paternal God, Abba, who never denies his children. As well as co-authoring many of Fr Robert DeGrandis's books, Linda has authored the books- 'A Miracle Hour', 'Five-Minute Miracles', 'The Healing Power of a Father's Blessings' and 'Rich in Mercy'.
Recitation of prayers from Linda's 'Miracle Hour' booklet 930507-01
A 'Miracle Hour' Workshop 930508-02
A 'Five-Minute Miracles' (Praying 1-to-1) Workshop 930512-01
Simple Self-deliverence 930520-02
Love Will Always Reach Out 930530-01
A Prodigal's Love Story (Testimony) 960701-01
In the Secret Place- Finding Personal Prayer960702-01
Blessed are Those that Mourn- Grieving 960703-01
Overflowing Love- Praying with Others 960704-01
The Healing Power of a Father's Blessing 960705-01
Sr Margaret Scully RSC
CCR Centre, Rozelle NSW

Sr Margaret Scully RSC
Sr Margaret, a tireless worker in the healing/counselling ministry for about 15 years, suffered from a dysfunctional oesophagus (inability to swallow) for most of her life. This meant that all her food had to be blended to liquid form allowing it to percolate, under gravity, into her stomach. In 1986, in the presence of the blessed Eucharist she was miraculously healed. Her first personal witness of this miracle (medically documented) is given below with all the associated excitement, joy and wonder. As well as organising and leading many charismatic retreats for religious and laypersons, she has led many communities in retreats of spiritual renewal in city and country, and is constantly in demand. However, her favorite location is her private prayer and ministry room where she coaxes her physically-, spiritually- and/or psychologically-wounded callers into the embrace of a loving healing God.
He Has Made Me Whole- testimony! 860201-01
To Be a People of Prayer 811115-00
The Dignity of Woman 830324-00
We are Called to Holiness 831001-00
What is Prayer? 851002-00
Commitment- What it Means & Why We Must Embrace It851128-00
Jesus is Alive!! 870701-00
How Can the Spirit be Truly in Me 900601-00
What are the Gifts of the Spirit? 900602-01
The Merciful Spirit- Forgiveness 900602-02
Sharing the Good News of the Spirit 900603-01
I Am a Receiver of God's Healing Power (testimony)900922-01
Inner Healing and Prayer for Inner Healing921107-03
Is Jesus in Your Life?//Be a Lighthouse NOT a Clubhouse 930814-02
Inner Healing Prayer, from Conception to Now 940813-03
Healing Retreat #1. Healing- an Expression of God's Love 951104-02
Healing Retreat #2. How to Pray for Inner Healing 951104-03
Healing Retreat #3. Ancestral & Intergenerational Healing 951104-04
Healing Retreat #4. Remove Blockages of Unrepentance & Unforgiveness 951104-05
Healing Retreat #5. Personal Prayer- Build a Love Relationship with God 951105-01
Healing Retreat #6. Praying with Others- Use Gifts & Avoid Counselling
Healing Retreat #7. The Healing Power of the Sacraments
Be Healed! Do You Trust & Proclaim 960608-00
Dicipleship and Healing 971213-01
Discipleship and Commitment 971213-02
Witnessing to the Power of the Hly Spirit 980226-01
Witness to the Holy Spirit- A Personal Challenge 980226-02
Fr Jack Soulsby SM
St John's Wood, Brisbane, Australia

Fr Jack Soulsby SM
A most popular speaker with a cherubic (but mischievous) smile who has that unusual gift of drawing audience interaction with each other into a spirit of contagious communal fun and fellowship, Fr Jack forsook his lucrative career in civil engineering to take up the call of the priesthood- building and strengthening foundations for followers of Christ in Christ. He found his mission through a conversion experience while exploring the Charismatic Renewal and has been afire with the enthusistic spirit of evangelisation ever since. While his home is Australia, he frequently travels to the poorer (and dangerously unstable) countries, such as Africa, where he ministers to, and dances with, the thousands who come to hear him, share time with him and be uplifted by him.
The Gifts of Affirmation, Tongues & Prophecy 791216-04
Are We not all Spiritual 'Skunks' ?//Pessimism & Hope801207-01
The Need to Have a Vision 801207-03
Some Forms of Prayer & Meditation 801207-04
"I HAVE Withheld Nothing from You" 810505-01
Jesus is the Source of Unity 830913-01
Walk in Faith, not in Fear 830913-02
Transformation of Yourself 870605-01
The Need to Have Concrete Plans for Evangelisation 870606-01
Models of Schools of Evangelisation 870606-04
What is Australian Spirituality- "She's Right Mate"?880513-00
Breaking Free- Knowing You Have the Power 880514-02
1990 - 2000: A Decade of Evangelisation 880514-04
The Message of God is Love 881112-00
God is MY Father 881113-00
A Christian's Call is to Commitment 881114-00
Mary- My Model of Living 881115-00
The Spiritual Gifts, and Asking for Them 881116-00
There are Times When One Needs to be Selfish 881119-01
The Spirit and I Do It Together 890110-04
Healing through a Review of Your Memories 890111-01
Each of Us is a Monstrance 890112-01
Pioneering with the Holy Spirit 890113-01
Rallying the Religious Communities to Evangelise 890114-04
Tonight You are on Mount Zion 891020-00
The Lord Affirms Each of Us 891021-01
Only the Lord Brings Us True Peace 891021-02
The Resurrection Dream 891022-01
Fr Emiliano Tardif MSC
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Fr Emiliano Tardif MSC
Fr Tardif, accompanied by his companion & sometime translator, Fr Michael Vassallo SDV, draws huge crowds in Australia primarily because of a strong healing gift that produces visible results. Laying claim to a miraculously healing of acute tuberculosis through the power of prayer & 'laying on of hands', he feels urged to proclaim his healing throughout the world and extol the blessings and security of embracing 'Abba' Father. He speaks mainly about the role, purpose & forms of healing gifts in the community as well as the individual, and backs up his pronouncements with anecdotes from his personal experiences of ministry with people. His two major books JESUS IS ALIVE and JESUS IS THE MESSIAH are available from our bookshop.
NOTE: Because they are an integral part of Fr Tardif's presentations, we include the talks of Fr Michael Vassallo and Jose H Flores with his tapes.
Church- the Instrument of God's Saving Plan 900224-01
How to Renew Your Faith 900224-02
The New Evangelisation 900224-03
The Discernment of Spirits 900225-01
S. Messa di Guarigioni 900226-01
The Healing Ministry of the Holy Spirit 920222-01
The Inner Healing of Mary Magdalene (Jose Flores)920222-02
The World is Hungering for the Gospel 920222-03
The Church and Its Charismatic Renewal 920223-01
Jesus Takes My Soul Out of the Darkest Prison (Jose Flores)920223-02
Get a Helping Hand in Praying for Healing (Fr Michael Vassallo SDV)970801-00
Healing the Sickness of the Body, the Spirit & the Soul 970802-01
Our God is a God of Mercy (Fr Michael Vassallo SDV)970802-02
Healing before the Real Presence in the Eucharist970802-03
Healing Comes from Hearing the Word of God 970802-04
Fr Renato Tisot
Balzano Italy

The following talks were given a key part of a day of focus on the Divine Mercy of God held for a 'full house' at St Ambrose Church, Concord West, Sydney, Australia.
Christians Wash in the Blood of the Lamb 970830-01
No Resurrection is without a Crucifixion 970830-02
Jesus, the Eucharist (incl. Prayer of Inner Healing) 970830-03
"He Takes Our Illness in the Chalice" (homily & Healing Eucharist) 970830-04
Fr (now Bishop) Chris Toohey
Catholic Adult Education
Sydney Australia

Fr Chris Toohey
Fr Chris was a curate at Penshurst at the time he gave these remarkably detailed talks on the historical roots and development of Christian beliefs, liturgies and practices. An enthusiastic amateur astronomer and student of Church history and the Catacombs, Fr Chris puts his scientific inclinations to good use as he unravels a variety of documents and images that tell the tales of the times- the persecutions, the early dogmas, the bitter conflicts, the split papacy, etc. A most instructive, stimulating and entertaining presentation that would be an unparalled resource for any Christian, especially those involved in Catechetics.
Creation, Genesis and the 'Big Bang' Theory 921028-00
Jesus Christ- Truly God, Truly Man. His Crimes. His Resurrection921104-00
Apostolic Times- Christianity, Cross-Cultures, Circumcision & Rome 921111-00
2nd Century- Accusers, Apologists, Martyrs & Heresies 921118-00
3rd Century- Persecution, Policy, Papacy, Theology & Doctrines 921125-03
4th Century- the New Christian Freedom under Constantine 930203-00
4th Century- Resolving Cristology: Arianism & the Nicene Council 930210-00
4th Century- Further Debate on Christology, Theotokus, Nestorius & Leo 930217-00
5th Century- Barbarians, Christology, Papal Primacy, Penance 930810-00
6th/7th Centuries- Christology, Dualism, Gregory, Islam, Augustine 930817-00
10th Century- Temporal vs Spiritual, East-West Schism, First Crusade 930831-00
Michael Van Ommen
Chairman (1994-9) CCR NSW

Michael van Ommen
Born a Catholic in Holland in the 1930's, Michael experienced the tensions and aggressions of World War 2 in his homeland. Migrating to a new life in Australia, his faith was renewed through the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the 80s, where his diplomacy, humility, vision and simple love of the Lord carried him to head the NSW CCR Service Team.
Leadership- a General Overview 901110-01
Growing in the Spirit 920603-00
Growth in Your Hidden Self 921011-02
God's Love 950603-01
The Cost of Our Coming into Reconciliation 950603-04
Daily Walking with Jesus 950604-01
Brendan Walsh
Tralee, County Kerry, Eire
Brendan Walsh
Miraculously converted and healed of a background of sustained paternal abuse, drinking, drugs, wanton sexuality and grand mal eplipsy, Brendan drives himsef relenless to speak of His Saviour and his church. Totally Irish in accent, humour & size, he speaks authoritively, ministers tenderly and prays deeply with expectant faith and intensity. His testimony is also in paperback as 'GENTLY FLOWS THE DAWN'.
The Lord Woos You with His Love 940508-02
"I Come to Heal, but Let Me Love You First" 940514-02
Ancestral Sins- Their Healing & Prevention 940514-03
Forgiveness, Love & Mercy- Your Health Plan 940515-00
Ancestral Sins, Indulgences & Deliverence 940521-03
A La Carte Christianity, Apathy, Truth & Forgiveness 940528-01
The Lord Heals Our Brokenness- Inner Healing 940528-02
The Lord Requires "Yes" from Hearts not from Lips 940604-01
Forgiveness, Healing & Family Relationships 940605-01