For those with dial-up who need a FAST download of weekly data

Version 4.6.1  -  21/Oct/2006



It downloads the data, fixes any weird characters in the data, optionally changes the channel names, creates & uploads tgd files to the toppy, and creates xml files for the included TV Guides.

You can run any of the optional operations independent of all the other options. For example: You can download the data only - and then later you can create and upload the tgd files to the toppy.

You can now use data for 2 locations with or without your own xmltv files. e.g. if you want to use an xmltv file from another grabber as your 2nd location just select none for Location 2 and check the Use data from 2 locations checkbox. Using none will prevent DialUp-XMLTV from downloading location 2 data which would overwrite your xmltv2.xml file. If either location is none DialUp-XMLTV expects to find an existing xmltv file in it's Data directory (xmltv file must be named xmltv1.xml or xmltv2.xml - depending on which location is set to "none").



Notes about the data source

- Is updated daily, usually shortly after 9am - but normally by midday.
- Always contains 7 days of data - when it's available.
- It could disappear at any time.
- It could occasionally have problems - usually fixed the same day.
- If the data download fails DialUp-XMLTV will try a mirror site.
- If the download is 0kb DialUp-XMLTV will try to download a backup (which will contain one less day), and if that fails it will try to download a backup from 2 days ago, etc - backups from the last 4 days are normally available.

Scheduling or using DialUp-XMLTV with other programs

You can run it automatically from Windows Task Scheduler or a batch file by using the silent switch - so you don't have to press the Go button - just by using:

DialUp-XMLTV -silent (see the included readme for more info)

If you want to use the tgd files with Fix4EPG you should select "Channel" as the "TGD Sort Order".

Proxy Settings

If you need to set proxy settings you'll have to edit the ini file.

Setting up Channel Renaming

You can setup channel renaming separately for for the main (first) location, and/or a 2nd location (if using 2 locations).
The channel renaming settings are in OldText/NewText pairs. Set OldText1= for the original channel name and NewText1= for the name to change it to. You can add as many OldText/NewText pairs as you need. The OldText/NewText pairs are run consecutively until no more are found - so if you comment out the OldText5/NewText5 pair then any following pairs will not be processed.


Using your own XML files

If you uncheck "Download Data" you can use your own xml file(s). Before you run DialUp-XMLTV with your own data your grabber needs to copy the xml file to the Data directory as xmltv1.xml. If using 2 data sources the 2nd xml file needs to be named xmltv2.xml.

Currently there is one condition on format of the xml file's content: Everything between "<programme" & </programme> must be on the one line.

Number of Days to Create TGD Files for

You can reduce the number of days DialUp-XMLTV will search for in the xml files when creating the TGD files. If the toppy's memory can not handle the amount of data in 7 days worth of your TGD files you should reduce the ForDays setting in the CreateTGD section. Alternatively if you use your own xml files that contain more days of data you can increase the ForDays setting.
NOTE: This setting does NOT affect how many days worth of data is downloaded as all available days are always downloaded. 

Setting up the TV Guides

The TVGuides come preset for Sydney data, without any channel renaming. If you get your data for a different location, or rename any of the channels, you will need to:

a) Rename the TVGuide1 logos to suit your channel names.
b) Edit the channel lines in TVGuide2's index.html to suit your channel names.



Version 4.6.1
Bugfix for jrobbo myxmltv source.

Version 4.6
- Made jrobbo source directories user configurable - in DialUp-XMLTV.ini.

Version 4.5.2
- Made UserAgent user configurable - in DialUp-XMLTV.ini.

Version 4.5.1
- Bug fix so it nows renames channel names that use numbers correctly.
Note: This means 'Channel Renaming' can only be used to rename channels now.

Version 4.5
- Added 2 new data sources (HTPC and Secret).
- Renamed 'source' D1 to Grabber.bat

Version 4.4
- Added Trapper's TEXTA.exe to change start/end times in OzTiVo data - see comments in grabber.bat.

Version 4.3
- Added OzTiVo grabber - in OzTiVoGrabber directory.
Note: The OzTiVo grabber is slow, and gives no indication that it is working (be patient). Follow the instructions in instructions.txt (in the OzTiVoGrabber directory).

Version 4.2
- Added running D1 grabber as an option from the main window - this runs the included grabber.bat file.
- Included a grabber.bat file which can be used to run any grabber(s) - if the D1 option is selected.


Version 4.1
- Added support for Development One xmltv files.
- Included D1XMLTVGrabber.
Note: Using D1 xml data requires channel renaming.

Version 4.0.3
- Fixed TVGuide1.

Version 4.0.2
- Disabled error messages in silent mode - except "missing ini file" and "no options selected" messages.

Version 4.0.1
- Fixed bug if run from batch file.
- Removed unneeded file from zip file.

Version 4.0
- Moved TGDdays setting from ini file to main window.
- Moved 2nd Location settings from ini file to main window.
- Added functioning Full/Partial extended data option. *Needs full or partial data to be available for download.
- Removed "Create TVGuides" checkbox - now creates them every time unless TVGuide directories are not found, or only Upload is selected.
- Added "none" choice to locations - for using your own xmltv file for one of the locations.
- Added "Use data from 2 locations" checkbox.
- Added tgd file size check when uploading to toppy.
- Allowed for different formats of the silent switch.
- Added download switch to allow scheduling a download (with the silent switch) even if Download Data was not selected last time DialUp-XMLTV was run.
- Fixed incorrect characters in tgd files.
- Fixed incorrect characters in TVGuides.
- Improved status bar messages.


Version 3.1
- Improved handling of other xmltv files.
- Tweaked tgd files for citysearch data to include Repeat, (year) etc.
- Improved tgd file format for JustEPG.
- Fixed a bug where it wasn't downloading the backups if the first downloaded file was undersize.
- Fixed a bug where the tgd files were 0kb if Channel Sort Order was selected.
- Fixed a bug where programs that crossed midnight were missing from the tgd files.

Version 3.0
- Moved channel renaming code into DialUp-XMLTV.exe
- Now tries mirror site if main site download error.
- Now downloads backups if current download 0kb.
- Added setting for number of days to search for in xml file when creating tgd files.
- Added separate support for renaming channels in main location & 2nd location data.
- Added support for deleting unwanted channels.
- Added support for changing any specified text in the data.
- Added support for deleting any specified text in the data.
- Added support for sorting tgd files by channel - for Fix4EPG users.
- Added limited support for using your own xml file.
- Removed Full/Partial data option.
- Fixed bug where data files kept growing if using 2 locations.
- Fixed bug where channels were not being renamed in some circumstances.


Version 2.1
- Feature - Added proxy settings (see ini file)

Version 2.0
- Feature - Now supports getting data for 2 locations (see ini file)
- Bug fix - It wasn't deleting old tgd files

Version 1.2
- Improved packaging - Included all needed files in download
- Changed exe to use utils from a (included) sub directory

Version 1.1.3
- Bug Fix - Added Newcastle as a Location

Version 1.1.2
- Bug Fix - Duplicate EPG entries fixed
- Bug Fix - Not parsing month/year changes correctly fixed

Version 1.1
- Minor improvements
Version 1.0
- First release.



- Add changes to use Logical Channel Numbers instead of channel names.
- Greatly speed up the file processing.
- Add internal code for changing UTC times (and remove TEXTA).


1) Unzip the archive contents to anywhere on your hard-drive while maintaining the existing archive's directory structure (the zip file contains everything in a directory named DialUp-XMLTV).
2) Configure any desired DialUp-XMLTV.ini options - the ini file contains info on each option (
Basic settings are set in the program's window. Advanced settings are set in DialUp-XMLTV.ini).
3) If you want run the either of the included grabbers, or your own, configure the grabber's ini or config file and edit grabber.bat to suit.



First, backup your ini files and bat files. Download and unzip DialUp-XMLTV. Copy all the new files and folders to where you have DialUp-XMLTV installed. Then, after reading the readme file to see if any old settings have been renamed or are no longer needed, copy your existing settings into the new ini and bat files. Take note of any new settings that you may have to set.


Just delete the folder where you have
DialUp-XMLTV installed.


- DialUp-XMLTV has only been tested in Windows 2000, XP, and 2003 server (though it may work in Win9x).
- Uploads to your toppy work via USB, FTP or Icebox.



To download the data you need to be online at the time.
-  To upload to the toppy the toppy needs to on, and connected by whichever upload method you've set.

And to use the TGD files you need one of the following (or similiar):

- EPG_Uploader TAP for inserting the TV guide data into the Toppy's EPG. You can download Tony's EPG_Uploader TAP from Tony's Toppy info web site: http://tonyspage.abock.de/

- JustEPG TAP which reads the TGD files directly into itself, which is a better EPG than the Toppy's built-in EPG. Check out Peter's JustEPG TAP at Topfield Australia's forum:
JustEPG 10.2 Topfield-Australia forum topic - check the forum for later versions.


Freeware. See the included License.txt for licensing details. By using this software you are agreeing to the licensing terms outlined in the included License.txt. Also see the license documents included with any bundled 3rd-party utilities or applications.


DOWNLOAD  DialUp-XMLTV.zip - 1.5MB   15/Oct/2006


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