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Installing the Topfield TAP Compiling Environment

Update: Topfield's GCC_for_TAP download is currently unavailable (due to Licensing issues?) though you can get it
here. An open-source version, which is also Mac and Linux compatible, is available from http://tap.berlios.de

Many people have trouble installing the Topfield gcc_for_tap TAP compiler. To successfully get it working you need to be aware of a couple of things. The environment variables mentioned in the GCC_for_TAP installation instructions (in the TAP API documentation) has 1 spelling mistake, 1 omission and 2 incorrect paths. And if you don't use the default installation directory paths you will have problems.

Here's what I needed to do to get it working:

1.) Install Cygwin to

2.) Extract gcc_for_tap.zip and copy the entire directory named
local that is contained in the gcc_for_tap folder to C:\cygwin\usr\local (answer yes to overwrite existing files and folders).

3.) Edit the
Windows System Variables in "Control Panel | System | Advanced | Environment Variables" to include:

Path= C:\CYGWIN\BIN;C:\CYGWIN\USR\LOCAL\BIN (add to the end of existing path variables and don't forget the ; between the end of the existing paths and what you're adding)



4.) Place cygwin1.dll in C:\cygwin\usr\local\bin and C:\cygwin\bin. Cygwin says it should only be in C:\cygwin\bin but the TAPs won't compile unless it's in C:\cygwin\usr\local\bin - so I put it in both.

5.) Create the directory

6.) Extract the TAP API and Samples zip file and copy the contents of the
tap_and_samples directory to C:\WORK


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