The Leftovers

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Leftovers compilation CD The Leftovers were an important part of the Brisbane Punk scene which developed in the late 1970's and early 1980's.

They were one of Brisbane's "Punkest" bands, if you know what I mean. Lots of attitude and black leather, cigarettes, booze, etc....

Tales of violent behaviour onstage and off were legendary. The Police harrassed these guys, no end.

Unfortunately, they did not document their existence very well.

The very rare 7" vinyl single Cigarettes and Alcohol / I only panic when there's nothing to do / No complaints is excellent!

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Members & Instruments

Ed's back
  • Ed Wreckage: vocals, guitar
  • Warren Lamond: vocals
  • Glen Smith: bass
  • Jim Shoebridge: guitar
  • Graham Hutchinson: drums
Other members included:
  • Mark Troy: Saxophone
  • Michael Hiron: drums
  • Johny Burnaway: guitar


Like many other bands, The Leftovers often appeared at private functions in hired halls in order to get around the limits of Brisbane's Hotel venues.

The conditions at some gigs could sometimes be described as "squalid". Some of the most notable performances were at Griffith University Refectory.

An early gig at Hamilton Hall caused a sensation. Also playing that night were Razar. Of course the police showed up, and bothered the audience.

Other memorable performances took place at The Curry Shop, in George Street (now demolished).

Leftovers and Razar




Cassette Tape


Out of the Unknown, 1988



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Information provided by David Macpherson
Brisbane, Australia