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Pork with Glen Pork were an interesting part of the Brisbane punk scene which developed in the late 1970's and early 1980's. They played at every major venue at one time or another.

Inspired by the likes of Cabaret Voltaire, sometimes the music got a touch of the "Pink Floyds". Their music was more weird than punk. They were never very popular....

Like a few other bands of the time, Pork made use of an interesting slide show projected onto the stage during their performances. Images included stills from TV shows, embarrasing party snaps of their friends, past gigs, etc.

As well as musical performances, the group left many artifacts such as self-produced cassette tapes, booklets, calendars, etc. Paul designed many hand bills used to promote gigs. The photocopier artwork on some of these is outstanding.

Paul and Peter have both continued an artistic interest, frequently posing for Brisbane photographer, Ray Cook.

Paul also made several recordings under the name of He Dark Age with Tony Milner.

SoundPersecution Complex


Other guest members included:
After Chris left the band to live in Toowoomba, Pork continued to operate as a two piece. They did this for several years.

Instrumentation was unusual for the day. Obscene bleeps and blurps erupted from the Korg synth. Early home keyboards by Casio had cheesy accompanyment, used as the drum track during performances.

Repetitive guitar riffs through an echo machine, and occasional trumpet blasts completed the sound.

9 and 10 cassette cover


Pork at National Like many other bands, Pork often appeared at parties or private functions in hired halls in order to get around the limits of Brisbane's Hotel venues. They bravely boasted they would play anywhere!

Performances could be a bit "confrontational" for some audiences. Heckling was encouraged.

Besides the "odd" music, performances included projection of slides from TV shows, autopses, drunken parties, etc.

One notorious event at the National Hotel involved hacking up a pig's head with a chisel during the performance. Mr Glen Norman assisted with the sounds.

Other performances happened at: Australian National Hotel, CPA Hall, Wooloongabba Blind Hall, Atcherley Hotel, and various partys.


Cassette Tapes

  • 9 and 10/ Released 1982
    Includes: Persecution Complex; Seep; Conversation; Instrumental

  • Z Seka Neurosis Released September 1983
    Includes: Random Object; Screaming; Internal (Consumption); Insemination; Blunt And Autoclaved; Exited Social Cognition; Theme From Shaft; Wait (part 1); The Bystanders; Spacial Test Table; DSM-111; Forcible Aggression; Protection Component; Water Bed; Wait (Part 2); Co-Consciousness; Epilogue; Waltons Theme; From "This Sporting Life"
  • Live at The National Hotel Released 1983
    Includes: The usual live set.
  • What We Did On Our Holidays Compliation released early 1983
    Includes: In
  • Castrak Compilation released March 1983
    Includes: Sketch
  • Leaving Home For The Party On The Roof Compilation released 1983
    Includes: Sectioning The Pancreas
  • Queensland In Quarantine Compilation released 1984
    Includes: Three Kittens
Tall Paul enjoys a beer


Out of the Unknown, 1988 Know Your Product
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Information provided by David Macpherson
Brisbane, Australia