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Xero at New York Hotel

Xero at Atcherley Hotel Xero were an important part of the Brisbane Punk scene which developed in the late 1970's and early 1980's. They played at every major venue at one time or another. The spelling of the name changed at different times to Zero, Xiro etc.

As well as musical performances, the group left many artifacts such as self-produced Cassette Tapes, Booklets, and a mini EP. John-e designed many hand-bills used to promote gigs. The artwork on some of these is outstanding.

The band finally split when Irena went to live in Paris for a time. Xero reformed briefly to perform at the 1986 Livid Festival.

Irena and John-e have been in many musical collaborations with other musicians since. Irena was in Existential Experiment in the mid-1980s, then Airborne Toxic Event in 1990/91, as well as a few other acts.

John-e went to live in Sydney, and played with The Go Betweens for a few years. While in Sydney, he often played in The Plug Uglies.

His tunes are occasionally heard on TV soundtracks.

Returning to Brisbane, John was part of the highly regarded alt country band Disgraceland.

For several years now he's played in the esteemed Halfway.

Steven Pritchard has played drums for countless Brisbane acts. His current band is The Ten Fours.

SoundA Little Strip of Paper Flying in Mid-Air (1.8 MB)

Members & Instruments

Irena Luckus and Steve Pritchard Xero was an incredibly cool band to have been involved with. The lineup changed quite a bit over the existence of the band. Irena was the only member in each incarnation. John-e Willsteed joined the band early on, and remained until the end.

Drummers changed often, and featured Lindy Morrison, and later Steven Pritchard. For a time Xero operated as a two-piece, using a drum machine. This was very arty for the time.

I've been told the original line-up was:

  • Irena Luckus
  • Deborah Thomas
  • Vic Allen
  • Lindy Morrison

Mr Willsteed One of the more popular line-ups, used on the vinyl EP was:

Other guest members included:


John Willsteed Early performances by Xero featured Gang of Four covers.

Like many other bands, Xero often appeared at private functions in hired halls or parties in order to get around the limits of Brisbane's Hotel venues. Their anarchist political stance was supportive of women's/gay rights.

Interesting performances of note were at: The Curry Shop, Colossus Hall, Pete's Bingo Hall, Ithaca Pool, Caxton Street Hall, Atcherly Hotel, New York Hotel, Cement Box Theatre, Redcomb House, 4ZZZ Joint Efforts.

El Salvador Benefit poster


Xero were the proud owners of a 4-Track reel-to-reel tape recorder. This allowed them to be extremely prolific musicians. Most of their recordings ended up on cassette tapes.



Cassette Tapes


Out of the Unknown, 1988 Know Your Product Program of Events



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Information provided by David Macpherson
Brisbane, Australia