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On this page you will find links to sites that I have found helpful with the ongoing transformation of my own site. I have divided them into three categories to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

Handy Tools


Traffic Generators

Affiliate Networks

Domain Registrations

I'm finding more new sites each day and usually upload the changes once a week, so you'll need to keep checking back for the updates.

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Handy Tools

123 Turnkey

new29.gif (11091 bytes)123 Turnkey.com is a revolutionary web site design system that allows you to pick out your own design, work on it and post it on the Internet. You can get a complete site up and running with 123 Turnkey.com without any knowledge of any programming languages. With 123 Turnkey.com's revolutionary system, customization is not limited. You have the option of choosing different template color schemes, font faces, font sizes, and font colors. You can also have any type of interactive pages from a shopping cart to an Online poll. You can add as many pages as you like ... 3 pages or 60 pages... The sky is the limit!

1001 Free Webmaster Resources

This site is true to its name. there is much too much there to describe. Well worth a visit.

Any Browser

Increase Your Visibility! Make Your Site Viewable by Any Browser! To create a compatible site you need tools and resources to help you, they've listed lots of them here. Once your site has been created you need to make sure it's looking good. You also need to make sure it stays up-to-date. If you want to increase your site's traffic and get a lot of visitors to browse your site then you'll surely want to submit your site to the search engines and directories.


What sets Bravenet apart from the rest? The ability to get all the interactive Web Site tools you could possibly need - all from one place! Whether for a personal or a commercial page, if you've got the Web Site, they've got the tools. Each service is designed for all users, from novice to advanced. Easy to set up, yet full of cool features for that "professional look". All of the Bravenet services can be customized to fit the theme of your site. Add your own images, logos, sounds, and much more. And you'll have them up and running in minutes! "Free Web Tools for Webmasters" - that's what they're all about.

Coffee Cup Software

Powerful web design software at a budget price. My site was originally created with the Demo version.

Freeware Downloads

This site provides reference to an excellent list of free software, mostly Internet related. They have also created a reference to a huge archive of desktop themes, skins and screen savers. They are adding new free software, free resources and free services everyday.

Half Price Computer Books

They have tens of thousands of computer books available, from beginner to expert, all available for half of the cover price! Anyone who owns or uses a computer will find something they need at their site. For five years, Half Price Computer Books has been the number one online store for discount computer books.

JavaScripts Source

Here you will find many Java scripts that will bring your page to life. Easy to find and use.

Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab is one of the world's top anti-virus companies, and well known all over the world as one of the leaders in the development of advanced anti-virus technologies. They produce anti-virus defense systems for workstations, file servers and application servers, e-mail gateways, firewalls, and Web servers.


The McAfee.com Clinic is the premium online subscription service, delivering a suite of Web-based utilities to let users protect, update, and maintain their PCs.  McAfee products include VirusScan, Uninstaller, First Aid, and Oil Change. McAfee.com is the number one site for Internet security.


Free JavaScripts - categories include; effects, forms, navigation, scrolling, flashing text and more.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny allows you to block pornography, hate literature, bomb formulas, and anything else that you deem inappropriate. Filter out the negative sites or only allow access to the positive sites... it's completely up to you! Schedule automatic updates free of charge. There are no subscription fees ever!

PC Hell

Everyone has been to PC Hell at one time or another. It's that place you visit when your computer is driving you insane with problems, glitches, and so on. To try to soothe the frustration, they'll provide some tips, hints, and troubleshooting remedies to help you get out of your PC Hell.

Resource a Day

star.gif (1786 bytes)Earn $10 just for joining. Each Newsletter contains an interesting and helpful Internet resource, a joke of the day, a quote of the day, and much more.

Smart CGIs

Smart CGIs makes useful Perl scripts that will improve your web site for you and your visitors, through ease of use, advanced functionality and simply with good ideas. They don't create any CGIs that aren't unique or in some way better than existing CGIs. You won't find any boring scripts here, only ones that will help you grow your web site.

Software Oasis

They offer over 250,000 leading software titles for immediate download, license or physical shipment.

The Newbie Club

Are you sick to death of Techies and mystifying 'Tutorials' spouting four letter words like byte and frag, JPEG and JAVA and other jargonistic gobbledygook? Browse through The Newbie Club Academy's huge range of Tutorials, Newbie Books, Articles, email courses and other Resources. Not a single word of Geek-Speak anywhere!


star.gif (1786 bytes)PhotoImpact, Cool 3D and GIF Animator are widely used around the world. I have personally used them to help develop this website. They have a range of products for people who want to edit and share digital images, edit their own videos, and build dynamic websites.

WallMaster Pro

WallMaster Pro offers you total and complete solution to manage all your wallpaper collections. With WallMaster Pro, you can use any of your favorite images as your desktop wallpaper easily and all your wallpaper settings (position, timer, background colour, resolution, etc) are fully customizable. With its simple and intuitive control panel interface, you will surely master your desktop wallpaper in just a few minutes! It's simply the best and easiest wallpaper management utility available for Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000.

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Traffic Generators

Ask Miky

Are you tired of endlessly marketing your site, expensive promotions, wasting time submitting to other search engines, and finding that you still have received no hits to your website? Miky has the perfect solution for you! He guarantees that you will receive hundreds of visitors to your site. It's easy.

Cash PO

Most of those paid e-mail and pay-per-click programs pay you even more when you recruit new users. CashPO is the perfect tool to promote ALL of these programs, not just one or two at a time! Get FREE Referrals! - Periodically, CashPO will be running paid ad campaigns and will send 50% (or more!) of the hits to members' pages!


star.gif (1786 bytes)Offering some of the most advanced targeting on the internet helps web surfers find what they are looking for. The network also provides personal and business web sites the opportunity to gain promotion, exposure, and traffic.

Eternal Hits

By joining their service they will open you an advertising account and you will be given $25 in your advertising account with them totally free. You may use your account balance to purchase advertising packages from them, which include standard text adverts, banner advertising, flash banner advertising, web adverts and direct traffic sent to your site. They provide numerous ways for you to earn more money in your account.

I.D. IT Plates

These Elegant mini-Billboards promote YOU 365 days a year, enhance the appearance of your vehicles, last for years and most important, give you literally Millions of Impressions over their lifetime. I.D. IT! Plates also make the Ideal Vanity Gift. FREE Worldwide Shipping too!!

I Love Clicks

star.gif (1786 bytes)Their webmaster site promotion services are state of the art. Their service is unquestionably the fastest, easiest way to drive traffic to your web site! Sign up now for free and immediately begin getting hundreds of visitors to your site!

Links 4 Trade

Promote your site with Links4Trade! Dramatically increase qualified traffic to your site. Quickly trade links with dozens of quality sites. Link only with the sites you choose. Establish links quickly and automatically. Get detailed link trade stats. Signup FREE today!


Trading-Clicks.com is a free click-trading site that you can use to send free traffic/hits to whatever site you would like to promote. This is a great way to get signups for whatever program(s) you are involved in. Sign up for FREE and you will receive 5 FREE HITS to your site to get you started.

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1 Stop Pictures

The screensaver / wallpaper software is awesome & there are over 14,000 screensaver/wallpaper images for FREE!


Clipart, images, animated gifs, and links to many other helpful sites

Animation Factory

Has clipart collections, software and subscription services. There are 1000's of free animations and graphics.

Bull's Graphics

star.gif (1786 bytes)This site has some of the most beautiful banners, buttons and backgrounds. A must to visit.

Clipart Land

A whole world of clipart,animated gifs, backgrounds, etc.

Cloud Eight Stationary

Some great Outlook Express stationary to jazz up your e-mails. Also has Desk top themes and other interesting things.

Freeware Graphics

An awesome page, very well set out and  comprehensive, good descriptions and some great download zip files of graphics.


Lots of really beautiful stationery for all of us Outlook Express users. Free to download as .exe files that install themselves.

Kim's Image Collection

star.gif (1786 bytes)This site has heaps of great images for you to use on your web page.

The Free Graphics Store

This site has too many thing to list. A must to visit if you are looking for graphics and help with your website.

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Affiliate Networks


new29.gif (11091 bytes)Webmasters make money from your site. Top programs, Highest payouts, Live stats, Multi-tier, Generate more traffic, 100+ categories.


With ClickBank Hoplinks every link on your web site can be a source of revenue. Just sign up once (it's free), then link to your choice of thousands of ClickBank merchant sites offering commissions. Some of our clients earn over $5000 per month from their Hoplinks alone!


Start earning cash immediately. Become an affiliate member and choose from the many affiliate programs that will pay you high rates for displaying advertisements on your website. Join now and see immediate results.

Commission Junction

At Commission Junction, merchants and affiliates large and small work together to build successful e-commerce on the Web. Their scalable e-commerce infrastructure enables content sites to easily place "pay-for-performance" products, ads and links from thousands of online merchants directly in and around their content.


Large variety of merchants available, so you'll be sure to find something to suit your site. New merchants are being added all the time. Easy tracking system to understand and view your statistics.


If you have a website, you can turn it into extra money by giving away free trials, samples, sweepstakes, coupons, catalogues, and a variety of other offers. Join the fastest growing Affiliate Network on the Internet and watch your revenue stream grow

Share a Sale

They have multiple pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-click programs available, from some of the best ebusiness sites on the internet. Start today, and begin earning commission for every sale, click or lead brought through the ads you can place on your website or email lists.


VolumeClick.com is a new international affiliate program based in Denmark. With background in affiliate marketing since 1997, they have now created their own affiliate program. They have partnered with some of the leading free stuff sites and free stuff sponsors to serve their affiliates with a great selection of offers and sponsors.

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Domain Registration


New.net seeks to become the world's leading domain name registry by introducing and selling domain names with new extensions that offer greater relevance and meaning than current Web site addresses ending in .com, .net, and other existing top level domains.


Register .COM, .NET & .ORG domain names from as low as US$12 per year using advanced WHOIS tools and wizards to find available domains. Reserve your domain name before somebody else does! Free parking, forwarding or 35MB Site.

URL Buyers

URLbuyers.com is dedicated to buyers in the domain name marketplace - create and search domain name options, register domains, buy and sell domains, value domains, and use automated negotiation and escrow services. They're your one-stop domain source.

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