I lost my beautiful Suzie, at 13 years In June 2007


Welcome Back Melody

We welcome back into our fold Melody.  I am delighted to have Melody back.  Melody is a Molly and Patrick Daughter from their first litter.  She is 3 years old.  Melody will be hopefully having a litter in October of 2008.

Melody - 8 Weeks

Melody - September 2007

Melody - October 2007


Welcome Bailey
We also now welcome Bailey.  He is from Molly and Patrick's last litter, A very special little boy.  Next year I hope to add another dog and a bitch.


Bailey - 5 Weeks





Jan. 09. our new great excitement , a new little girl.  ERIN.      Betandy  I'm  Pride Of Erin.

Erin - 10 Weeks

Erin - 13 Weeks

Erin - 18 Weeks




My Dad Brandy