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International crime author and sizzling side-burned sex-god from 'Department S'

Salut! Groovy guys and gals and welcome to chez King. I am your host with the oh so most, Mr. Jason King.

Smashing to see you found us in our renovated and relocated home! Make sure you bookmark this new home page! It felt like time to move and gussy up the pad, but fear not TV friend, you will still feel right at home!

In the new groovy pad we have been so busy, renovations can be such a drag but when you see the result I'm sure you'll think the torture was well worthwhile.

Upart from a general cosmetic paint job there's lots more going on than ever before! Come inside and check out some of our fabulous new wings. I've even opened the boudoir for public use (of course it's always been open for private use, but that's another thousand or so stories...).

There are more photos in the Gallery, the TV show pages for Jason King and Department S have been thoroughly updated. There's even more information about Peter Wyngarde's Album. I won't spoil the other surprises.

Have a poke around (mind out of the gutter please) and try not to get any dirt on the Persian rugs, there's a dear.

Love Jason

Link to Jason King's Groovy Pad! Details and images here