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Kahimi Karie Biography

Born 1968 in Tokyo Japan Kahimi Karie began her career as a music photographer in Japan. Her then boyfriend, Keigo Oyamada [AKA Cornelius] asked her to sing for a house band on his friend's record label. She became almost immediately famous due to her first EP which included the track "Mike Alway's Diary" [written about the founder of el records].

Kahimi Karie became the ye-ye girl of Shibuya, the fashionable Tokyo hub and area also associated with the muscal talents of The PIzzicato Five, THe Fantastic Plastic Machine, Maki Nomiya and Cornelius , amongst others.

Many of Kahimi's EPs achieved gold status in Japan. She also hosted one of Tokyo's most popular radio radio programs. She recorded the theme song for the animated series Chibi Maruko Chan, [like a Japanese version of The Simpsons].

Kahimi caught the attention of Scottish musical genius Momus [AKA Nick Currie], and the two began collaborating. Their greatest hit was "Good Morning World", a song commissioned by a cosmetics company. It reached top five on the Japanese charts and cemeted Kahimi's position as a superstar.

Kahimi sings in English and French in addition to her native Japanese and in addition to the above colaborations, Kahimi Karie has also worked with Pizzicato Five's Yasuharu Konishi and French indie pop star Phillipe Katerine.

Kahimi Karie has since moved out of Shibuya and currently lives in Paris yet is still linked with the hip look and sound of Tokyo's Shibuya district.

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