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Journey To The Centre Of Me [CD EP]

01 The Seventh Wife Of Henny VIII
02 Mistaken Memories Of Medieval Manhattan
03 The Lady Of Shalott
04 Pygmalism
05 Journey To The Centre Of Me

Release Date: April 26 2000
Catalogue Number:
Format: CD
Production Credits: Momus
Sleeve Design:
Mayumi Hirooka
Art Direction: Kahimi Karie
Artwork Coordination: Yumi Haga
Illustrations: Kam Tang

  • Another Momus/Karie collaboration.
  • Momus's versions of tracks 2, 3 and 4 can be found on his album Folktronic.[Le Grand Magistery - HRH-020].
  • Brian Eno made an experimental video in the early 1980's entitled "Mistaken Memories of Medieval Manhattan".

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