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Web and Intranet indexing

We created and maintained the index to the Australian Society of Indexers website at http://www.aussi.org for three years (it is now maintained by Helen Skewes).  We have also produced an extensive online index to the IAG (formerly NRMA) Insurance Help system.

Glenda Browne teaches the Indexing Web Documents and Taxonomies for Information Architects one-day courses at the School of Information and Library Studies at the University of NSW and has taught a one-day course in web indexing with HTML Indexer. Jon Jermey teaches a one-day course on XML.

We have created thesauri and metadata for companies including IAG and Solved at McConchie.

We have written a book on web indexing and the course files used in that book can be downloaded as either a .ZIP file (december.zip - 182kb) for users with the WinZip program or a self-executable file (december.exe - 211kb) for users without. Mac and Linux users, please contact us for an alternative source of these files. Some of the websites referred to in the book have been indexed by type of site (eg 'search engine') and by content (eg 'health information').

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