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       Winyard Productions on Sound Cloud!


Winyard Productions Music Drop Box. The Sound Cloud service allows you to upload and share your music with us. Once uploaded Winyard Productions will listen to your demo and where applicable offer you recording time or may simply just enjoy the creative vibe. It's always a good idea to email us regarding your intentions and then provide us with your demo. This will ensure that your efforts aren't overlooked.  Winyard Productions are eager to discover new talent and endeavor to listen to demo's sent our way.  

The more people who listen to your music the better! By sending us your music you are showing us that you are serious about moving into the Audio Production/ Studio Recording phase and that you understand the importance of promotion. You just never know where this may lead you.  Be sure to read the Sound Cloud "TERMS OF USE" statement before uploading any music as your music may go out into the public domain. If you're uncomfortable with that perhaps an alternative form of distribution may work better for you. Thank you for visiting via Winyard Productions promotion link, the rest is up to you!


                          Winyard Productions is a Registered Trademark