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My name is Tom Wynn. I live in Australia. I was born in Rylstone, New South Wales, in 1958, but have lived in Newcastle, New South Wales, for around 24 years. I am a schoolteacher with over 25 years experience, and have been married for a little longer than that. I have two children, both university graduates, and a dog, who has definitely trained me well.

My greatest passion is music - arranging, editing, and collecting. I have an extensive and eclectic music collection, encompassing everything from Beethoven and Saint-Sains, through The Beatles, to Los Del Rio (of Macarena "fame"). As a matter of fact, my mobile disco business, Tom-Mix Mobile Music, was actually begun as a way of funding my collection. Under the moniker of Tom-Mix, I produce my own dance mixes of various music tracks for use at my discos, and for my own amusement.

In addition to my passion for music, I enjoy photography, stamp collecting, collecting old science fiction movies, tapestry, and more recently, family history research.

Having been researching my family tree now since about 1998, I have successfully traced its roots back as far as 1460. I can also proudly proclaim that I am the descendant of a number of convicts and free-settlers who made New South Wales their new home back in the days of the First and Second Fleets. In fact, the most famous members of my family tree are Anthony Rope and Elizabeth Pulley, convicts of the First Fleet, parents of the first European child conceived on mainland Australia (at least, as lore has it).

In addition to an abbreviated version of my family history, this site is dedicated to my professional interests, business interests and hobbies. The links to your left lead to pages containing more information relating to the various subjects. Please take the time to browse the various pages and e-mail me if you have any comments or suggestions.