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A Journey For One In A Town Full Of Cousins

I had no real way of discovering my family's history until I reached the age of thirty-nine, because I moved around often when I was a child. In 1996, while posted to Scone Public School as an Assistant Principal, I chanced to meet several of my relatives who got me started on discovering how my family became established in Australia. So began my journey for one...

As a small child I had imagined an intriguing family history involving great wealth and maybe nobility. It turns out that I come from common stock and none too special. I am related to just about every family in New South Wales. In fact, the region in which I live is full of distant cousins just waiting to be uncovered...

In the course of compiling my family's history, which I am now able to trace back as far as 1460, I have had the assistance of many people who have contacted me by phone, e-mail and post. I am always happy to swap or collect information about different branches of my family tree, so if you wish to know more about any of my ancestors, please contact me...

My Parents

Thomas William Wynn
Dorothy Jean Honeysett

My Grandparents

Thomas Wynn (2nd) / Winifred Charlotte White
Norman Jack Honeysett / Irene May London

My Great Grandparents

Thomas Wynn (1st) / Annie Annis Evans
George Phillips White / Charlotte Sophia Ahern
Ernest Charles Honeysett / Hannah Moss
Oswald George London / Hannah Minnie Hurst

My Great Great Grandparents

John Wynne / Elizabeth Hope
William Evans / Harriett Lockett-Hollins
James White (2nd) / Elizabeth Phillips
William Ahern / Charlotte Rebecca Barwell
James William Honeysett / Matilda Rope
William Moss / Mary Ann Baker
Henry London / Mary Jane Turner
Joseph Hurst / Alice Overton

My Great Great Great Grandparents

Robert Wynne / Elizabeth Edwards
Robert Hope / Eleanor Pickering
Abraham William Evans / Ann Brooks
Thomas Hollins / Hannah Reynolds-Lockett
James White (1st) / Sarah (unknown surname)
Griffith Phillips / Unknown Mrs Phillips
Unknown Mr Ahern / Unknown Mrs Ahern
John Barwell / Sophia Stack
Thomas Honeysett / Eliza Ann Russell
Robert Rope / Hannah Jane Haigh
Abraham Moss / Sarah Feltwell
William Baker / Caroline Papworth
William John London / Diana Riley
George Turner / Sarah Mitchell
Samuel Hurst / Elizabeth Barwick (aka Berwick)
John Overton / Jane Mitchell

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